Video Marketing can be used to explain your products or services, build brand awareness, communicate complex messages, showcase your work and client testimonials, demo your product and educate prospects and customers. As a Vidyard partner, we're experts at getting your video marketing up-and-running.  

We can assist you by: 

  • Identifying key metrics to track, researching your buyer persona, identifying which channels your prospects consume video on, and creating a strategy for your video campaigns; 
  • Scripting your marketing videos according to your video type, campaign and channel; 
  • Editing your videos and adding graphic elements or animations; and 
  • Reporting and analysing your video performance, and optimising both existing videos and your video strategy. 

The Benefits of Video Marketing

We've seen a surge in video popularity as a marketing tactic and in today's world, video marketing is crucial for your online business. Here's why.  

Video Marketing goes hand-in-hand with some of our other services.

  • Video training: We train your team on how to perform in front of the camera and build their confidence in being recorded. 
  • Vidyard Deployment: Host your videos on a branded sharing page, with customised CTAs and in-depth analytics with Vidyard. We assist your team with deploying your Vidyard account and train your team on how to use the tool to optimise your video strategy.
  • Video selling: We assist and enable your team to sell better using personalised video strategies.

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