Company Overview:

VoxGen refuses to be categorised as just another IVR service. Although largely automated, they strive to provide a service that will make their customers feel at ease, and confident enough that their individual problems will be solved. VoxGen attempts to add a human touch to their services and entice engagement in everything they do.


We conducted an analysis of the website through our Website Discover and uncovered which elements caused friction or frustrated users. Our findings lead to an actionable plan for the website's redesign.

The website needed more imagery to establish trust and showcase the people behind the product; giving a face to VoxGen's voice. This cleaner design and update of layout meant that the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) would be given special attention.

Our Discovery revealed that users' attention was focused on success stories, and so we highlighted case studies and their existing customer-base to elevate trust within their brand and services.

In terms of messaging, we needed to align VoxGen's services with their Buyer Persona's needs. To achieve this, an IVR challenges section was added to the website. This section outlines common IVR difficulties and offers solutions to each individual challenge.

To get this process running efficiently we injected an Inbound Marketing strategy that translated the company's ideals and ethos and optimally market their excellent services.

Results Summary:

An immediate 20% increase in traffic and a 15% increase in organic growth proved that we were on the right track. Reviewing their results a year after our campaign shows a consistent upward trend in all areas of the company's marketing. But with our focus on creating awareness and trust, and not only maintaining but growing VoxGen's following; were our efforts enough to significantly move the needle?

Page Views - 25.81%

Unique Page Views - 19.61%

Sessions - 32.89%

New Visitors - 33.90%

Return Visitors - 29.53%
… meant that their audience behaviour was on track with our goals set out. The increases in traffic …

Social Traffic up by 41.74%

Referral Traffic  up by 32%

Direct Traffic up by 61.18%

Organic Search up by 16.08%

Organic Search (from Google) up by 18.45%
… means that we achieved success in creating enough awareness around the brand. A considerable metric surrounding awareness was their LinkedIn social media account which saw followers nearly double with a spike of 76.06%. This remarkable growth contributed to a massive 50% increase in social traffic overall, proving a successful site update and growth campaign.

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