Company Overview:

The Theodo team builds web and mobile apps and are experts in launching digital projects. Their focus is on getting to market quickly with a framework inspired by agile development. They were in search of an agency that could adapt to their approach to services and delivery.


With a desire to increase leads and emphasise their Smart Talent / Smart Methodology / Smart Technology motto, Theodo worked with us to uncover how we could implement a successful strategy that suited their business.

Our first step was to conduct a Website Discover. Based on these assessments we uncovered quick wins in the form of CTA placement, flexibility of templates, frequency of content produced, and clever design.

The Website Discover revealed opportunities for appropriate CTA placement that would aid in lead generation and support a fluid user journey.

The website was built on HubSpot COS with flexible templates, creating an easier, smoother editing experience. Theodo is now able to update their website on a more frequent basis without having to edit HTML files.

Cleaner, clever design elements were put in place to give the website a more vibrant look and feel and showcase the team behind the brand.

For the methodology page, we focused on "telling a story" by animating the information as it unfolds when you scroll down the page.

We further included Case Studies and Client Testimonials to establish trust.

Results Summary:

Sessions skyrocketed to 165.44%

Bounce Rate stabilised at 50.22%

Session Duration peaked at 00:03:14

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