Company Overview:

STRIDE, a SaaS-based stock picking and evaluation tool, helps value investors to manage their portfolios more effectively. The engine allows investors to dig deep into particulars of different markets, companies, and difficult-to-trade-in countries.


Although an excellent tool for value investors, STRIDE's challenge, as a newly introduced SaaS platform in a niche industry, was to build trust and establish themselves as a worthy competitor in the market. Their objectives were brand-building, developing trust, gaining qualified leads and building up a steady client-base.

Our journey with STRIDE started by developing their brand and an Inbound-ready platform to support our Performance-Driven Marketing (PDM) efforts. Our marketing campaigns included elements of Owned and Paid Media to serve the Attract and Conversion stages of the Inbound Marketing methodology. Lead nurturing campaigns involved the creation of Lead Scoring and Workflows to close leads into customers and further delight them into evangelists.

Our most successful campaign, the "Schedule a Demo" campaign, generated over 1000 leads – prospects were now not only aware of the brand, but were also enjoying first-hand experience of the platform.

Results Summary:

Lead generation  – 1000 leads generated with 823 converting to free trial users

Average number of leads per month:  54

Average number of website visits per month (in last 12 months):  1526

Visit-to-contact conversion rate (in last 12 months):  1.13%

Contact-to-customer conversion rate (in last 12 months):  8%

Increased organic website visitors by:  398% from 1st to latest month


"Firstly, as a young company themselves, Struto understand the challenges of the territory. Secondly, they have the ability to execute all of the marketing actions on my wishlist. Thirdly, Struto is small enough to care and be agile, yet large enough to take on big projects"

Scott Nursten
CEO/MD, Stride

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