Company Overview:

Privitar makes sensitive details within bulk data private so that it may be shared with a secondary party or used internally without the risk of compromising compliance regulations.


In order to provide a timely MVP, we decided to build out the new website using the GDD methodology. Within the principles of Growth-Driven Design, we developed a Launch Pad website on HubSpot, enabling Privitar to make use of the powerful CMS to drive their marketing campaigns.

After our Website Discover we learnt that Privitar's challenge of instilling trust and getting their vision across could be solved by focusing on their content, with more targeted messaging and testimonials, and by improving their website structure.

In line with Privitar's vision, design and target personas; their Minimal Viable Product (MVP) included:

  • A clean, clear and modern layout with professional, sleek design
  • User and Client Testimonials
  • An improved About Us section with Team Members, Board of Directors and Advisors, Partner Logos
  • Optimised conversion points: Strategically placed CTA's to encourage engagement
  • Landing and Thank You pages
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Improved Responsiveness across all devices
  • Improved User Experience (UX)

The quick delivery of our launchpad website meant that we could gather immediate user feedback to capitalise on some low-hanging fruit and expand the website according to the Continuous Improvement process.

Results Summary:

Their Launch Pad website consisted of 12 pages built across 10 flexible templates, took approximately 20 days (our fastest launch yet). Some of the results achieved with our GDD campaign included:

  • An increase in Average Page Views by 79%
  • Improved time on site by 177%
  • A Bounce Rate improvement of 40%
  • Blog Subscribers grew by 700% in 7 months
  • A boost in Average Landing Page conversion rate by 34% in 2 months

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