Company Overview:

Prezi is a heavyweight in the world of presentations. Their presentation software is geared toward the individual and business team alike. Prezi's products are well-known and easy to use. They serve various functions creating visual presentations, analytics and reports for Sales and Marketing teams, as well as private reports for single and interactive presentations.

The Conversational Presenting aspect was a new concept that Prezi Europe was putting their weight behind, and so we were tasked with creating awareness around the method.


Design - We built the Conversational Presenting concept around the idea of being the "future of presentations". We designed a launchpad site in-line with Prezi's strong visual brand and delivered a sleek and edgy product that could be updated with various marketing content.

Resources - We populated the web page with Prezi’s European Regional Director, Spencer Waldron's videos on Conversational Presenting to promote engagement, as well as the placement of CTAs in optimised positions to get visitors converting on various resources such as downloading an eBook or watching a Webinar.

Marketing - A key element of our campaign was our digital marketing that leant heavily on paid ad campaigns to get the Conversational Presenting theme out to the world in a short time period. We used social media advertising like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube ads, to quickly raise awareness around the term Conversational Presenting.

Summary of Results:

The Conversational Presenting website was launched in March 2016 and by the end of the year had received close to 19,000 visits with a conversion rate of 8.6%. The successful campaign resulted in the inclusion of the portal on the Prezi Teams website and the concept being actively promoted, spread and leveraged by the Prezi team.

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