Company Overview:

A financial software solution – Elysys has branched out with representation in the UK, Hong Kong, US and Australasia. They offer a solution that suits your single or multi-family office and asset management company's software needs.


Elysys needed to differentiate their offers to better target their personas within their niche sector.

We conducted a Website Discover exercise which uncovered opportunities for improvement regarding updated design, website copy, user journeys and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

In line with updating the brand, we built an Inbound Marketing-ready website on the HubSpot COS platform, that would lay the foundation for our Performance-Driven Marketing services.

Our Digital Marketing campaigns focused on targeting family offices and nurturing leads who sought enterprise level solutions without the hefty cost associated with big banking software. We created additional resources such as eBooks, etc., to further nurture leads and create awareness of what Elysys does and how the software may benefit users.

We used action-oriented and strategically placed calls-to-action, not only in blogs but on various web pages to illicit interest and motivate visitors to request a demo of the software.

Results Summary:

The brand refresh coupled with the new website and Performance-Driven Marketing (PDM) service proved successful as we managed to move the needle and positively affect their growth.

129% Increase in Sessions

153% Increase in Page Views

11% Increase in Pages Viewed per Session

11% Improvement in Bounce rate

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