Company Overview:

Cherwell Laboratories was founded in 1971 and is now a leading supplier of prepared microbiological media, bio-decontamination products and cleanroom environmental air monitoring instrumentation and accessories. They serve the pharmaceutical and other related manufacturing industries. Their mandate is to address the unique needs of the pharma manufacturing, NHS pharmacy and biotech industries.


Being a B2B company operating within a very niche market, Cherwell Laboratories needed a more targeted marketing approach. After performing a comprehensive marketing discover we realised that a robust inbound marketing strategy needed to be implemented. The inbound campaign we embarked on yielded phenomenal results. By focusing on Cherwell Laboratories’ buyer personas, our campaign focused on executing only the most impactful marketing tactics that would deliver the best results. Within this campaign, the quality of the content took preference over the quantity. Because the audience is niche they’ve responded most favourably to this approach and quality leads are generated consistently.

To further improve their website’s performance, we optimised their blog, and added calls-to-action to pertinent areas of the website to boost lead conversion. We replaced their existing forms with HubSpot forms so all their reporting and marketing (including their database) information can be managed from one central place. We made use of detailed user data and heatmap analysis to redesign the home page.

Results Summary:

Cherwell Laboratories have enjoyed excellent brand awareness, improved website traffic, a full and active sales pipeline which resulted in an increase in new customers and customer retention.

Our first campaign revolved around The Pharmaceutical Lab’s Pocket Guide to Cleanroom Decontamination

  • 388 downloads in 6 months
  • An average conversion rate of 47.2%
  • 62% of the submissions were new contacts

Our email marketing campaign contributed the most to the remarkable results. It drove 62% of the new contacts and converted 70.3% of the total number of submissions. The overall conversion rate on our email campaign was 55.11%.

We have since launched another campaign, promoting their The Pharmaceutical and Cleanroom Industry's Pocket Guide to Prepared Media eBook. Within the first week of release, it accrued 90 downloads at a conversion rate of 54%.


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