Company Overview:

Bridge is a mental health organisation that not only offers aid to those with various mental problems in the UK but also to commissioners or donors who wish to make a contribution.


Our Website Discover identified opportunities to build trust. Our website strategy was focused on creating trust-building content and imagery to support Bridge's message. The website structure was built in a streamlined and engaging manner to accommodate the different Buyer Personas Bridge was targeting.

With an Inbound Marketing platform in place, our focus could shift to attracting visitors to the site through various digital and inbound marketing tactics. Our game plans included:

  • Blog writing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media
  • Paid advertising
  • Creating educational, downloadable material
  • Email campaigns

The downloadable content, hosted on landing pages, aided the conversion stage of the Inbound Marketing methodology, while our lead nurturing workflows focused on converting contacts.

Results Summary:

Total Traffic increased by 44%

Improved Average Session Duration by 47%

Improved Bounce Rate by 13%

Increase in contact conversion  by 100% in 7 months

Our Performance-Driven Marketing campaign achieved what we set out to with an engaging site that expressed a very personal message of trust. Our friends at Bridge, as well as the CEO, Raymond Sheehy, were pleased with the result of their new website and supporting marketing services.

"Processes were guided all the way through … pieces of work coming through now are extremely in tone with our message."

Raymond Sheehy
CEO, Bridge


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