Company Overview:

Our client, Bridge, is a UK-based mental health organisation. They not only offer aid to those struggling with various mental health problems, but also to commissioners or donors looking to contribute to their district or community.  


Through our discovery process, we identified ways in which we could build trust between Bridge and their target audience. We created a plan to attend to this crucial area of focus for this client. We set about creating affirming and authentic content and imagery to develop trustworthiness. By streamlining Bridge’s website to deliver a seamless user experience, they could enjoy better visitor engagement which has consistently improved.  

With an inbound marketing methodology top of mind, we worked towards attracting more visitors to the site using a variety of inbound and digital marketing strategies. These included social media, SEO tactics, paid advertising, blogging and the creation of content offers designed to be both informative and educational.

The downloadable content offers we created were made accessible through the filling out a form on an optimised landing page. This interaction further encouraged visitors to move towards the conversion stage of the inbound methodology.  We also implemented lead nurturing workflows to boost contact conversions.   

The results speak for themselves, as you can see in this summary.   

Results Summary:

Total Traffic increased by 539.18%  

Improved Average Session Duration by 67.37%  

Improved Bounce Rate by 23.81%  

Enhanced Page Views by 31.40%  

Increase in Contact Acquisition  by 654.54% in a year and two months  

Our Performance-Driven Marketing campaign achieved what we set out to with an engaging site that expressed a very personal message of trust. Our friends at Bridge, as well as the CEO, Raymond Sheehy, were pleased with the result of their new website and supporting marketing services.

Continued Growth and Achievements:

To date, we have helped Bridge achieve astounding marketing results and create award-winning content. Our Graphic Design Award at the 2017 Impact Awards and honourable mention for Inbound Growth Story of the year was just the beginning. 

Bridge have walked away with a Digital Leadership Award at the 2018 Royal Greenwich Business Awards as well as a nomination for Social Enterprise of the Year. The award is given to a business who's site engagement, functionality, security and social media prove to be outstanding.

We are absolutely beaming that our work in these very areas has helped our client to achieve such great accolades and that we were able to inject some measurable growth into the business.     

"Processes were guided all the way through … pieces of work coming through now are extremely in tone with our message."

Raymond Sheehy
CEO, Bridge

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