Company Overview:

Annecto connects independent businesses in the UK with market leading card payment and short-term financing solutions. They're responsible for providing solutions to businesses looking to accept and process credit and debit card payments.


Our Website Discover uncovered user-based challenges and friction points throughout the website. In addition to Annecto UK's business requirements, we set out to create mobile responsive design, refine navigation and improve on the user journey of the website.

The Website Discover revealed that 33% of Annecto UK's sessions were coming from mobile and tablet devices. The lack of responsiveness meant that one in three visitors were not having the same onsite experience as a desktop user. We addressed this issue by focusing on mobile responsive design, to streamline the visitor's experience and reduce friction.

The navigation caused many visitors to perceive the website to be a single page. This resulted in higher bounce rates and lower pages viewed per session. Our solution to this was to evolve the navigation from anchor tags to a full-fledged menu including drop down menus to direct visitors more efficiently to deeper website pages and in so doing improve SEO.

Along with a web design overhaul, we increased the amount of useful Calls-to-action (CTAs) on pages to encourage conversions. Our Content Audit revealed a lack in trust-building elements, so we updated the website with testimonials and case studies to create a trust factor.

Results Summary:

  • Average Sessions increased to 12%
  • An Increase in Conversions by 185%

A better-designed site meant that users could easily navigate throughout and reach the CTAs which were effective in driving lead conversion.

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