Products Vs. Services Vs. Solutions: Optimising Your Business Offering

One of the key challenges we pick up with companies struggling to communicate go-to-market messaging is their difficulty to adequately differentiate between their products, services and solutions. 

Our concise 4-page pocket guide on Products vs. Services vs. Solutions helps you create clarity and position your offerings effectively. The guide looks at ...

  • Defining your products, services, and solutions - and the differences between them. 
  •  Clearing up any fuzziness around your offerings to see past the overlapping nature of business 
  • 3 Steps to effectively position your business offering.
  • How to efficiently sell services and solutions.
  • Structuring your business offering within an IT industry.

Revisit the way you package, productise and sell by accurately identifying what your offerings are, how they relate to your buyers, and how to market them correctly.

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