Flexible service models, flexible pricing and monthly contracts

You decide the results you want to achieve and we’ll create a service plan to fit. Whether you need a new website, marketing campaigns, sales-enablement or a full service, our plans are designed to turn your growth vision into reality.

There are no long contracts at Struto. Following an initial 3-month sign up, our flexible contracts roll monthly.

We work to monthly and quarterly sprints to make sure your campaigns maintain impact, your marketing activities stay fresh and your growth goals are met.

Flexible monthly campaign and budget management

Our services are designed to offer maximum flexibility around the growth levels you want to achieve.
To facilitate this flexibility, we’ve created a Struto currency of Impact Tokens.

How many tokens should you spend? That all depends on how much impact you want to make to your campaigns and how quickly you want your business to grow.

What are Struto Impact tokens?

  • Each Impact Token represents three core elements: your desired results, task delivery time and expertise required

  • The number of Impact Tokens allocated to each activity is determined by two factors: the impact it will have on the success of your campaign and the impact it will have on Struto resources to deliver

  • We developed our token system to offer maximum flexibility. It allows our services to easily adapt in line with your needs: one budget with multiple activity options

  • If your business is at starter stage, you will require fewer tokens per month than a business looking to accelerate its growth. You control your growth trajectory with the number of tokens you buy. More tokens equal faster growth, it’s that simple

See How our Tokens Work

  • Client A is a real Struto client. They chose a Steady Growth service plan. They had no working strageies or campaigns in place, and suffered poor growth

  • Client A goals: increase relevant web traffic, improve brand awareness and market share

  • Struto Impact Token assessment: 56 tokens monthly required to achieve desired results

  • Results: web traffic increased 300% monthly. Client reported brand awareness and market share improvements and is now ready to move up to Accelerated Growth service plan

  • Conclusion: 56 tokens created the desired level of impact for this client. They have grown to such a degree that they now require a higher service level to help them achieve and maintain a higher rate of growth

Ready to grow your business?
See how our flexible marketing services work

The more we put into your flexible marketing services plan the more impact we’ll have on your growth goals. It really is that simple.

Use this slider tool to get an idea of how flexible our token system is. One monthly token budget can offer you an incredibly versatile service that flexes with your business goals.
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