Struto's Proven Process

Our process ensures your business stays on track for growth

Our proven process is all about you. You tell us your goals for growth, we determine how you can achieve them and create a plan that fits your business.

For a business to grow, it needs different things at different times. Responding to these changing needs is critical to maximising success.

You might need a new website, marketing, sales-enablement services or a mixture of everything. Whatever your needs, we apply our proven process of Foundation, Grow and Refine, to achieve the best possible results.


Your growth services stay evergreen
with our proven process

Keeping up with what your company needs to meet its challenging growth targets can make marketing feel like a tangled jungle of ideas, strategies and activities. How do you know which bits are working?

Our proven process harvests customer data and responds to it, keeping your services evergreen and your business on a clear, visible path for growth.

struto foundation

Foundation is where we establish a fertile platform for all future strategies and campaigns.

Here we learn about your business and its needs in our Discover workshop, and by using a variety of tools and surveys.

If you need growth-driven design (GDD), we gather data, design and build your launchpad website. If you need marketing or sales-enablement services, we analyse your target market, create buyer personas and use data to determine what your target audience wants.

Foundation is complete when your platform is fit for purpose and we have presented you with a workable game plan.
struto grow

Growing your business means turning strategies into real, measurable activities and campaigns.

This phase is designed to build your brand and achieve your chosen growth status. We devise services around your goals.

Each campaign could contain many elements: ongoing GDD to your website, written or video material, social media, lead nurturing, conversion points, sales-enablement - whatever you need.

As your needs change, so can your services. We plan in both quarterly and monthly sprints, to maintain impact levels.


Refinement keeps your brand evergreen, your target audience engaged and our services aligned to your changing goals.

Your business is growing well and we want to keep it that way, so we tweak and refine based on user data.

We continuously analyse how users are engaging with campaigns and website features, plus external market trends, and make changes to maintain optimum performance.

This creates an evolutionary experience for your customers and the best possible service for you, always.


We spent six years developing our process of Foundation, Grow and Refine. We use this same process in our own business because we know it works.

With an initial three-month sign up, and a calendar month's notice any time after that, we work hard to continually delight our clients and their customers.

We've devised a Struto currency of Impact Tokens to offer maximum flexibility in our service plans. They are called Impact Tokens because the amount of impact you want to make to your campaigns will dictate how many tokens you include in your monthly service plan.

The more tokens you buy, the more impact we can make. If you're not looking for accelerated growth at this point, start with fewer tokens and achieve steady growth first. We can modify your growth plan at any time.

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