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If you're considering building a new HubSpot website you're probably approaching the project with a mix of nervous excitement and expectation, tempered by the knowledge that website redesign projects are tough. They impact your business in terms of money, time and resources. Here's something different, here's growth-driven design. We think you'll like it.

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Full funnel marketing

HubSpot Website Design and Development as a Service

Most businesses redesign their website every 2 or 3 years. Most businesses take a huge risk by putting their faith in a process that doesn’t guarantee that the new website will perform better than the last and most businesses don’t measure how effective their new website's performance actually is based on the assumptions that were made during the design process. Don’t be most businesses.

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) changes all of that because with GDD your website is scaled, performance optimised and made more user-centric by taking a data-driven approach to website design as part of an ongoing service. The Growth-Driven Design service can stand alone from our other services but it has more impact when delivered as part of a full funnel digital marketing approach underpinning our Performance-Driven Marketing and Sales Enablement services.

Naturally, we get that your business may not be ready for GDD. We can build you a new website on HubSpot COS, WordPress or Joomla using the traditional one-off project based approach.

Get More Leads With The Right HubSpot Website Build Partner

With four years experience building over fifty HubSpot COS websites and a dedicated design and development team, we can help you realise your marketing and sales goals using the growth-driven design methodology or traditional website project methodology.

Why Growth-Driven Design?


We launch your new HubSpot website quickly with a lower upfront cost


Move from a capital cost model to an operational cost model


We scale your website and improve performance continually using data to make decisions


An approach that allows us to create personalised user experiences that convert more leads on HubSpot

Why Struto?


Our team is HubSpot certified in Inbound Marketing, HubSpot Design, Growth-Driven Design and Contextual Marketing


We've have more than 50 succesful projects under our belt


Our proven process will ensure you have the best possible website redesign experience


We can build this service into your broader marketing and sales service

How Does Growth-Driven Website Design Work?

Growth-Driven Website Design is an agile design and development methodology that takes a data-driven approach to getting you the results you want to see.


The purpose of a Discover is to firstly learn and understand how your website is performing and how users interact with it and secondly, to provide us with a solid basis for a data-driven website strategy. Our findings, motivated by quantitative and observational research, as well as various website audits, influence the Launchpad Website’s strategy and GDD wish list. The outcome of the Discover is a comprehensive Launchpad strategy, a prioritised wish list and a Harvest Period game plan.

Launchpad Website

The Launchpad Website is a Minimum Viable Product based on 20% of the wish list items that will have 80% of the overall impact – as outlined in the Discover. The goal of a Launchpad Website is to launch as quick as possible so that we can start gathering user feedback and data to validate our hypotheses and fundamental assumptions.

The Harvest Period

In this phase, we identify and capitalise on any low-hanging fruit by implementing high-priority wish list items which didn’t make the cut for the Launchpad Website. The outcome? An evolved website with additional “nice-to-have” features. The Harvest Period will continue until we run out of quick wins, where after we’ll begin with the Continuous Improvement phase.

Continuous Improvement

Here is where the essence of our Proven Process comes into play. We discover, plan, create, execute, manage and optimise your website on a monthly basis. Our approach is user-centric. We focus on achieving Key Performance Indicators by optimising your site for your real-time users. By learning and understanding your user’s on-site behaviour, you can provide them with the ultimate user-experience, specifically tailored to their needs.

Customised HubSpot Design and Development Services

We can help you get the most out of your HubSpot platform by taking on projects like traditional HubSpot builds, customising HubSpot website templates or creating custom email templates.

Traditional Website Design and Development

We understand that your business may not be ready to adopt the Growth-Driven Design approach or that you may have the resources in-house to scale, manage and optimise your website for the long-term. We build HubSpot, Joomla and WordPress websites based on the principals we use during the Growth-Driven design process and hand the website over to you to manage and optimise for the long-term. The difference is that instead of handing over a launch pad website we hand over your final product.

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HubSpot Website Templates and Email Templates

We design and develop website and email templates for resale on the HubSpot marketplace. If you have a restricted budget then these templates can be a great option to get your website up and running on  HubSpot. Our templates are developed so that you can easily update them with your own brand colours, fonts and images. Should you need a specific website page template or email template built we can help with that too. Email templates can be complex and expensive but we have a way of keeping costs down.

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