You need to know: About Fomo and HubSpot integration

By Megan Sell - February 26, 2019

Want to get more leads? HubSpot is all about generating quality leads for their customers. Ultimately, any type of integration that’ll result in more leads is a real win. Fomo, the new plugin to use with HubSpot, is just the tool for your lead-scouting tasks.

When you look at the updates and notifications announced by HubSpot you’ll often find yourself reading about software, integrations and plugins that are either new or just cool enough to talk about again. Fomo is yet another piece of software that’s nailing it on the growth and sales front.

Urban Dictionary describes fomo as a state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out. And this is the basis for this nifty plugin. The fear of missing out on a juicy experience or exciting activity is a fairly disruptive state to be in. Fomo harnesses the power of social media and let’s everyone on your website know what’s happening at your business in real time.

By now you might be wondering what’s actually so great about this whole shebang? Well, to sum it up, Fomo provides for the social proof needed to add more trust and credibility to your business and website. People buy into brands and sites that boast popularity, and with Fomo you can show off what your customers are currently doing on your website.

Why it’s great? Fomo gives you mad kudos

Showing off customer activity will naturally increase your conversion rate. And, it’s easy peasy to set up – your customer interactions are shown with one line of code. This includes but isn’t limited to activities such as purchases and opt-ins. You get more conversions without really trying. Based on machine learning, Fomo feeds you with recommendations for increasing engagement on your website. You can choose custom themes, so the plugin matches your branding and site style and you enjoy the display logic.

How does it work? It impacts sales and marketing

The more social proof you have, the more visitors are likely to convert. The more credible your business becomes the more customers you’ll retain and the more new customers you’ll attract.

By using Fomo’s clickable notifications, you can increase visitor and lead traffic to critical sales or opt-in pages. This results in your sales and marketing teams being fed engaged and active leads on the website. Subsequently, the visitors who didn’t bite before might just return and take a chunk out of your offering.

How do you make Fomo work for you?

Well it’s pretty simple. You need a subscription to Fomo and to HubSpot. Plus, the integration is free for all HubSpot customers who also have Fomo. Pricing and sign up information for Fomo can be found here.

To set up, you simply need to log into Fomo and navigate to integrations tab. Then connect automatically which opens up a login modal for your HubSpot account.

You can choose your specific account to connect to and then you can visit the templates tab to modify the messaging structure you’d like to use. Or see the recently created notifications in the events tab. 

To find out more about what we believe is needed for excellent business growth, the inbound way, check out our new checklist. 

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