Winter Comes to Cape Town

By Vee Tardrew - June 05, 2013

The operations department of Struto is based in Cape Town, South Africa. With weather patterns across the globe changing drastically, by early last week our traditionally wet winter had yet to make itself felt. However, we were repeatedly warned that we would see our first major winter storm hit our shores on Saturday.  “There will be snow and heavy rain!” we were told. But as we sat on Friday looking at the rather clear blue sky we were all a little skeptical about this prediction coming to fruition.

Stefan Pheiffer, our talented graphic designer, however, has a passion - and eye - for photography and the mere mention of snowfall had him making plans for a trip to the Ceres valley, approximately an hour and half drive north of Cape Town.  After a 4am start and a slow foggy drive, he arrived to disappointment as no snow had fallen. None-the-less he took some time to rest and sure enough, before long he was able to capture the first snowfall of the season.  A few of his pictures were featured in a local Afrikaans newspaper’s printed and online versions alongside articles highlighting the severe weather experienced across the Cape on the weekend.  Well done Stefan, we’re proud of you!

Here are a few of his shots.

Snow starts to fall

Snow starts to fall.

Snow blanket for farmlands

Snow blanket for the farmlands.

Ceres mountains covered in snow

Ceres mountains covered in snow.

It is recorded that about 3.5ft of snow settled in the area, causing many mountain passes and roads linking smaller towns to be closed for safety.

So with that, winter has undoubtedly arrived in the Cape! It’s not called the Cape of Storms for nothing, but I have a feeling we are going to experience Mother Nature at her absolute worst this year as temperatures drop well below our norm and even the city centre has been battered by hail and sleet storms.

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