16 Persuasive Points [via Infographic] Why Visual Content Trumps Text

By Vee Tardrew - July 24, 2014

(Estimated Reading Time: 1.5 Minutes + Infographic)

Long, long before we wrote, we drew. Ancient humans used pictography to express themselves and tell their stories – even if it was mostly to brag about the taking from the latest hunt or record significant days in their lives. In light of no formal language this was the most practical way for them to deliver their message effectively. Their stories remain told across caves and tombs across the globe.

Fast forward 5 millennia (give or take a few decades) and we now turn to the written word - thanks Egyptian and Greek ancestors - to relay our stories and messages.

Would you like to know the irony of the this notable development of modern civilisation?

Our brains aren’t naturally wired for text.

Granted language and words may have given us the opportunity to communicate faster and easier - and we have learnt how to extract the meaning of the message being relayed. But instinctively we process, interpret, retain and recall information displayed visually far better than written copy.

This is vitally important for modern marketers!

Let me not rely on words to explain when this creatively designed infographic from Bandwagon Digital Media will do the trick. It is crammed with a ton of persuasive statistics and convincing data why online marketers need to make use of multimedia in their messaging and content.


Here are some of the points that jumped out at me:

  • First impressions of a site (read: company) are 94% based on the design.
  • Visual content gets 94% more clicks, 40 times more shares and 567% more inbound links than plain text.
  • Marketing via visual content generates 3 times as many leads and costs 62% less per lead.
  • Conversion rates for companies using custom visual content are 7 times higher than those not.

These present some pretty compelling arguments to grab your cuppa with your graphic designer and brainstorm the awesome infographic you're going to create this week. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go turn the kettle on!


Image is altered. Photo credit: helgabj via photopin cc

Do you use visual content in your marketing? Do you see better results? Share your comparisons and experiences in the comments below.