Websites Aren't Just for Christmas [Video]

By Kurt Buttress - December 22, 2016

Thinking about treating yourself and your customers to a website repair, refurbish or upgrade for Christmas? As a tech owner, you've inevitably faced the difficulties with service providers, software issues, design elements, and general website development and management struggles! The reason for all this is because, fundamentally, the traditional approaches to website design, development and management are broken.

Often the relationship between a web design agency or freelancer and their client is fraught with substantial costs, timing issues and little to no guarantee of performance or delivery. It goes both ways too – if you're an agency or freelancer, feedback is often a case of chasing down the customer and reigning in on time and budget constraints. So from an agency perspective, it doesn't get any easier dealing with client's different needs.

The entire process could be a rather cumbersome ordeal and very often leads to your client not receiving what they wanted in the first place. As an agency you may often end up frustrated, pressured and overwhelmed. Pain points are usually a lack of communication (from either side), failure to give or receive responses in time, misinterpretation, and general lack of quality in service delivery. By the time your project gets concluded the damage is done, and the time and budget used up. The Christmas gift of a renewed website for you, your staff and your clients, could turn into a nightmare of a holiday transition that ends up creating more problems than it's worth.

As an agency, how can you and your clients overcome this issue successfully and cultivate an ongoing relationship where the design process could happen fluidly and efficiently and yield the personalised results they expect? And as a client what methodology gives you a personalised, hands-on approach that is flexible and adaptable to your changing needs – remember your aim is for your brand to grow, and your website needs to grow along with it.

Enter GDD:

GDD or Growth Driven Design has made an indelible mark on traditional web design. It has become the gift that keeps on giving. The GDD methodology focuses on a non-linear approach which, incorporated with Inbound Marketing and Sales has seen a greater spike in impact over a shorter timeframe than traditional design methods. The release of agile software development methodologies has ensured that GDD can finally be rolled out large-scale, made available to all clients at a fraction of what it would have cost years ago, and shines as a beacon for the complicated client/agent design process. Imagine unwrapping your new website and feeling at ease that any needed adjustments could easily be made to fine-tune the result the way you would like it to be.

So you know what GDD solves, but what does it involve? Hop on a call with us and we'll shed some light on the matter, otherwise, here's a brief rundown …


People, Process, Technology:

To better understand GDD, you have first to understand what makes it what it is, namely …

* People – Take advantage of a full team of professionals who inspect and advise. The team is usually made up of Analysts, Designers, Development Teams, Content Writers and Marketers.

* Process – Beside the actual GDD process put into action, there are before 'Discover' processes and after 'Optimise and Analytics' processes.

* Technology – The findings met by these professionals result in Analytics, SEO, CRO, User Engagement, Wireframing and Prototyping.

Unlike traditional web design services, the GDD process takes an in-depth look and runs a longer, more efficient campaign to ensure a consistent spread of services along the marketing lifecycle. Say goodbye to the cycle of one-off projects and the odd annual redesign. Instead, say hello to an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Your MVP is well-researched and hypothesised to launch quickly but expertly. Meaning we can go to market with the confidence of a product that will meet your requirements and serve your specific client's needs. It's all about iterations and tailored, incremental changes that serve you longer, but gets completed in a fraction of the traditional design time – this means you could have that site ready in time to ring in the new year with a fresh "brand face".

GDD Components:

1. Discover

* Data is captured and collected from a 'Website Discover'

* This data is then analysed

* Sales and Marketing are consulted and liaised with

* A Wish List Draft is drawn up

* A global and page strategy is then formulated

2. Plan

* The Wish List gets prioritised

* An MVP for the new build gets defined

* A final hypothesis gets documented

3. Create

* Wireframes get created

* A Prototype then gets developed

4. Execute

* The proposed website goes through development

* Once agreed upon, your upgraded site gets launched

5. Manage

* Any and all information gets analysed

* Expect Reports on all key findings

* Knowledge in the form of corrective measures, procedures or tutorials are transferred

6. Optimise

* Any additional changes in helping to optimise the site are applied

The process might seem complicated at first glance, but GDD's ongoing service principles are made up of simple and efficient stepping stones to getting your site inbound ready and user-centric. The process often streamlines, slims down and cleans up any clutter which stands in the way of your site communicating to customers what you do and why you do it.

Best of all GDD's approach means that your site overhaul can be done today, no need to wait until your next scheduled website rebuild to start. You don't need to be a HubSpot website to employ the GDD approach, but considering the high returns, we suggest you utilise the robust CRM/CMS functionality.

It's important to note that GDD is not a standalone to your marketing and sales - it is a cohesive force that works in harmony with these elements. So if you're planning on getting a site revamp as a well-deserved Christmas gift to your staff and users, remember that incorporating a GDD approach means longevity for your website and some valuable growth and leads well into the New Year.


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