6 Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversion

By Lara Wiltshire - July 11, 2012

You have landing pages on your website, you are employing inbound marketing strategies but you are not converting as many suspects from these landing pages as you expected.

Here are 6 easy things you can do to improve you conversion rate immediately.

  1. Game, Set and Match:
    Your Landing page headlines and ad copy should match. Because Google AdWords determines cost-per-click (in part) based on the quality of your landing page, you can improve your score, and bring down your cost-per-click, by making sure your landing page’s content aligns with your ad messaging. Not only does this make acquiring leads less expensive, it also improves the effectiveness of your pages: customers who click on your ad will be get information relating directly to what they clicked on. 
  2. Headlines must be clear and concise:
    Your landing page headline is one of the first things a visitor to your website reads. Make sure it is clear what you’re offering. A weak headline will bore or confuse your visitors into leaving, while a strong headline will lead your visitors to stay on your site and learn more about what it is you have to offer. 
  3. Good Grammar:
    In this day and age of technology it is easier to make sure your content is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Use spell check and get work proof read before hosting you landing page. You don’t want something like misspelt words to put a suspect off and turn them away form your site. 
  4. Use strong Call-To-Action Buttons:
    The goal of your landing page is to convince visitors to perform a particular action. After they read your landing page, they need to know what to do next. That’s what your call-to-action is about: providing an actionable next step in the most effective way possible. As a guide, the optimal call-to-action button size is around 225px wide and 45px high. 
  5. Keep it above the fold:
    The “fold” refers to the space your visitors can see without scrolling down the page. In planning your landing page design, think about the flow of your page, does it follow the F path the eye follows when you scan. 

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    Does your design take into consideration average browser size? It should. If people have to search for a call-to-action button, it will negatively impact your conversions. 
  6. Test:
    A simple A/B test of two great headlines can show you which one is the most effective at landing page conversions. AB testing is simple yet effective because you can test and optimize everything about your webpage until you receive the response-rate you are looking for. There’s no universal right answer for what webpage works best, but testing will go a long way to helping ensure your landing page is the best that it can be.

Really hope you find these 6 tips to be helpful.  Don't forget to pop back and let us know how they help you increase your landing page conversion rate. Or visit us for your FREE no obligation Website assessment.

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