Hubspot's Free CRM, Too Good to be True? You're Wrong

By Lauren Inggs - June 12, 2018

It’s no secret that HubSpot’s CRM is free. Sadly, people often greet this benefit with a fair dose of skepticism and a default notion that “if it’s gratis, it probably comes with limited features and functionality.”  It's time to set this unfounded assumption aside. When HubSpot says its CRM is free, including all the bells and whistles, they mean it. And it competes with the most expensive alternatives on the market.

Total sales pipeline visibility

HubSpot’s CRM tracks all the sales transactions automatically and presents them in an informative display, to allow you maximum visibility into what is happening in your sales pipeline. This is an up-to-the-minute display, where it’s possible to sort deals won and lost and track performance against sales quotas. It also automates many of the tasks that salespeople dread, freeing them up to focus on closing more deals and less on the mundane tasks, like data entries. It even goes as far as to track customer interactions automatically, regardless of whether they’re on social media, in a call or via an email.

Complete lead information drill downs and overviews

How do your current leads look? HubSpot’s CRM goes beyond the basics and closes the loop between sales and marketing. Both your sales and marketing teams can now share their contacts, customer data, dashboards, reports and pipelines in one place. You’ll have access to a leads analytics dashboard and contact activity details, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your leads and marketing.

Sales insights through enriched contact records

Drawing from HubSpot’s database of over 20 million businesses, you can guarantee valuable insight for your sales team, through the automatic population of contact records. This enriches your contact knowledge, adding details that might prove pivotal in helping your sales team close those deals.

Integrated calendar functionality

Want to book more meetings with prospective clients? With HubSpot, you’re able to set your availability and generate a shareable link that syncs with your calendar. This allows your leads to select a time that works best for them. Afterwards, this is updated to your schedule. Planning a call? A simple click from within the CRM gives you an option to record the call (although, perhaps, ask for permission before doing this). Thereafter, a call log will be automatically saved to your contact’s timeline, as a record of the connect.

Marketing tools for greater efficacy in your marketing efforts

The free HubSpot CRM includes several marketing tools to help streamline and personalise your marketing efforts. You’re able to create custom email templates and track the performance of those emails as part of a sequence, which you’re able to set up for maximum effect. The leads analytics dashboard, mentioned before, gives your marketing team vital information on how their efforts are performing and where there’s room for improvement or experimentation. Any enhancement or testing is thoroughly data-driven, thanks to updated contact details and activity tracking.

Facebook lead ads also open up the opportunity for your potential customers to sign up for your offers. This, in turn, will give you their contact details, so you can follow up. When a user clicks on your lead ad, an auto-populated form displays, complete with the information they’ve shared with Facebook. These forms are mobile-friendly, and customers appreciate the fact that there’s less information to complete. You’ll even get reporting on your ads, including the number of contacts they’re generating, the total spend amount, a run report and a placement report.

Unlimited users

You can invite your entire team to use the CRM. Plus, you won’t pay an additional penny to add a user, regardless of how many you choose to bring onboard.

Exceptional data storage capacity

HubSpot’s CRM will allow you to store up to 1 million contacts and companies free of charge. That’s truly an exceptional number!

Here’s the best part though. It’s free - forever.

There won’t be any premiums kicking in, either after a month or a year, should you wish to continue using it. HubSpot has promised it’ll remain free, giving businesses an unparalleled opportunity to improve their marketing, sales and services with a CRM that was recently voted the best CRM lead management software for 2018 by Gartner’s Peer Insights.

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