6 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips from Our Resident Expert


By Lauren Inggs - June 16, 2017

Want to boost your site traffic and secure more leads? Of course, you do. Social media marketing is an excellent way to go about achieving both the former and latter. But even if you've got an awesome Social Media Marketing strategy and campaign in place, and your social channels are performing well, you can always benefit from some expert tips on how to improve and make your social media marketing game even sharper.

Enter our resident expert in social media here at Struto: Marcel Le Sueur. He's the guy behind making sure our Social Media Marketing stays on point, along with being our SEO guru as well. I sat down with him to discuss his take on quick wins and tips you can use to boost your social media. He gave me some interesting pointers which I'm sure you'll find useful.

Top Tips to Up Your Social Media Marketing

1. Start Using Instagram Live 

Instagram has a huge user base (think 600 million users), and if your target audience is among them, you should consider using Instagram Live videos to reach them. It's no secret that video is one of most consumed media formats online, and if it's not already a part of your social media marketing content plan, it's time to consider adding it.

Instagram Live allows you to stream a video you're shooting live to your Instagram story feed. By doing so, you'll put your live story in first place in the feed, increasing its presence and reach to your followers and fans. This is ideal for events or launches, or anything really that you'd like to share with your audience live while getting feedback from them in real time. 

2. Go Paid

Paid advertising not a feature in your social media marketing plan? Media convergence and the necessity to develop marketing strategies inclusive of owned, earned and paid media means it's time to get in on the benefits of paid ads on social media. Facebook and Instagram ads have some cool formatting options to make your ads stand out from the rest, among which is the carousel or slideshow feature. Here you can use multiple images in one advert to maximum effect.

Another huge benefit to social media paid advertising is that you're able to hyper-target unique users with specific interests at a lower conversion cost than the more conventional Google Adwords platform.

3. Try Retargeting

Want to reach your existing leads or customers on Facebook? Retargeting is a great way to do so. It allows you to focus or retarget your ads on Facebook to a custom audience. These audiences might be your customers, website visitors, Facebook fans, email subscribers or perhaps audiences similar to your website visitors. By placing a Facebook pixel code on your site, you can begin targeting the right people and seeing some great results.

4. Use CTAs

Do you have a CTA on your Facebook page? If not, you should do something about it. By placing an integrated call to action on the bottom right hand corner of your cover photo, you're encouraging your visitors to get in touch with your business, and it's also an opportunity to gain a little more website traffic. 

5. Take Up Trend-spotting

Want to up your Instagram account's performance? Take up trend-spotting by finding industry specific hashtags to accelerate your account growth. You can achieve this by searching for terms relating to your industry on Instagram and taking note of the number of posts per hashtag. The more posts, the greater the hashtag's popularity and the more the topic is trending. Increase your engagement by making clever use of unique industry specific hashtags.

6. Make Data Analysis a Priority

Never make the mistake of skipping out on analysing the data you can glean relating to your social media channel performance, whether relating to your strategy and targeting or your content. This is especially true if you're using paid advertising on social media, as audiences can get tired of seeing the same ads over and over again. In fact, data analysis should form an important part of your social media marketing plan. By monitoring it, you can spot audience fatigue and ensure you're changing up your content to combat it. 

Need some help taking your social media marketing game up a notch? I'd love to chat with you and help you make some positive changes to see your social media soar. Feel free to drop me an email or reach to one of our experts. In the meanwhile, check out our eBook below for some additional social media information to help you get started.



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