SEOMoz Rebrands - is SEO dead?

By Vee Tardrew - May 31, 2013

Earlier this week, SEOMoz shed SEO to rebrand as Moz and launch their new Moz Analytics.  Marketers questioned - does this mean SEO is dead?

Chief Mozzer, Rand Fishkin, provided motivation in his comments following the relaunch: 

“For the past decade, we’ve fought to make SEO a legitimate respected part of a web marketer’s arsenal. Today that battle is expanding to include content marketing, social media, community building, brand tracking and other inbound channels. While SEO remains a key part of our product, it’s no longer transparent or authentic to say we’re purely an SEO software company.”

Fishkin’s remarks came as no surprise to existing inbound marketers who had predicted this reformation for some time. As a leading authority in SEO software (and education), with some 300 000 community members across the globe, the move to broaden the scope of their analytics software and aggregate data from all inbound channels confirms the ongoing acceptance of inbound marketing as the ‘new’ marketing approach of choice.  

While organic search traffic that is derived from search engine optimisation tactics is an important element for inbound marketing, there are other channels and sources that work together to culminate in a holistic, effective inbound marketing strategy.  The new Moz Analytics (rolling out on an invite-only basis over the next 3 months) caters for search, social, links and mentions – all critical components of inbound marketing.

Moz Analytics Screenshot

I think the bottom line here is that slowly but surely online marketers are realising that SEO is not a stand-alone tactic.  It shouldn’t be an optional ‘add-on’, it has to be intrinsically applied at all levels of online interaction - from website design and development, through to content creation and promotion.

So, back to the original question - does SEOMoz rebranding to Moz mean that SEO is dead? No – definitely not. It means that people or companies providing SEO as an isolated product or service are going to have to seriously consider how they will continue to show value to customers as the momentum of the inbound marketing movement picks up – incorporating, but not relying only on SEO for results.

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