4 Compelling Reasons to Use an Inbound Marketing Agency

By Vee Tardrew - June 12, 2013

Before we look at the reasons you would want to use an inbound marketing agency, perhaps we should touch on why you would want to use inbound marketing in the first place.

Inbound marketing has allowed marketing folk to shed the reputation of being ‘fluffy’ creative types, instead positioning them as essential business enablers able to accurately report on their contribution to overall business growth. Companies who focus on the 4 pillars of inbound marketing – being platform, content, social media and search engine optimisation are seeing significant results. In fact, HubSpot reports that leads generated and nurtured by inbound marketing tactics are of a higher quality and cost around 61% less than their outbound counterparts.

Great - so you see the value of adopting inbound marketing … now, how do you go about amending your strategy and implementing this within your business? This is where hiring an inbound marketing agency can help to accelerate results with a quicker speed to delivery than what can be achieved internally.

Here are 4 compelling reasons to use an inbound marketing agency:

Focus on your Core Competencies

The first reason why you should consider an external agency to manage or help you manage your marketing programme is to maintain focus on your core competencies. Most businesses try to carry this out in-house which often distracts the management team and staff alike. Distractions like this are unhealthy and often negatively affect your business. (There’s nothing better than an IT Manager who would like to ‘have-a-go’ at building a website, right?!) This reaches far beyond marketing and any elements that detract you from your core competencies should be outsourced to maintain maximum internal efficiency.  

Access to a Cross-section of Skills

A full-fledged, holistic inbound marketing programme comprises various elements that require a diverse spectrum of skills to implement and maintain on an on-going basis. While you may not require all aspects at once or continually, these include graphic design and website development, content creation and copywriting, search engine optimisation, social networking, lead nurturing, data analysis and reporting.

A good agency will ensure you execute against your marketing strategy and help create one if needs be. With firm experience of building and maintaining programmes from scratch, this cost-effective option is often one of the key drivers that businesses seek to partner with an inbound marketing agency.

Accurate Measurability and Accountability

One of the fundamental advantages of adopting an inbound marketing strategy is the ability to accurately measure results and report on return on investment. An inbound agency will be proficient in tracking the efficacy of the programme, identifying areas for improvement, adjusting and testing for improved results on an on-going basis.  This is an important element of inbound marketing.  It is not a “once-off” campaign.  Marketing software platforms, like HubSpot, have built-in reporting tools that make analysis a relatively simple process.

With such detailed measurability comes undisputable accountability. At the end of the day, the agency should be held responsible for their results and must ensure that they are applying the best tactics possible to achieve those outcomes. If they don’t, find another agency.

Uninterrupted Operations and Delivery

Let’s face it – employees take leave. What will happen to your inbound marketing programme while the responsible staff member is away? An agency is - ideally - set up in such a way as to ensure uninterrupted operations and delivery of your programme, despite any employee absence.


With the benefits of inbound marketing becoming apparent in all business sectors, companies can ill afford to ignore this growing marketing phenomenon. The only question is whether you try to fulfill this internally or through an external agency. I hope the above helps you decide on which path is right for your business. I'd love to hear feedback on your experiences, either running this in-house or through an outsourced partner.


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