Our Webinar: SEO Basics and Trends for 2017

By Brad Harris - April 28, 2017

Did you know that 70% of the links that search users click on are organic? If that piqued your interest, our SEO Webinar that’s coming up on the 11th of May certainly will. We’re going to be introducing you to basics of SEO and going into detail about the top SEO trends for 2017. 

The Basics of SEO Webinar  

In our webinar at the beginning of this month, our resident SEO-expert, Marcel Le Sueur, will be covering all the basics:

  • An introduction to SEO and Search Engine Marketing
  • The advantages, myths and misconceptions of SEO
  • The latest trends in SEO 2017 (and what to expect)
  • Beginner and intermediate advice on how to get SEO to work for you 

Of course, we can't share all the webinar information with you. But, we can cover the latest trends in SEO for 2017 in some detail for you. Below are three of 2017's SEO trends that we're expecting to take off this year.

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The 3 SEO Trends to Watch in 2017

1. AMP

With AMP, page speed loads at an average of 4X faster with 10X less data.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It's a Google-backed project that was designed to help standard pages from any publisher load quickly for mobile devices. 

It makes your internet experience on mobile fast and seamless... because Google believes mobile is the future. It's really a stripped-down form of HTML, which is why it can load so much faster. But the important fact is that users will be able acess AMP optimised webpages much faster and easier than other webpages. 

Seeing as this is a Google-backed project, we're guessing that pages optimised for AMP will be given preference by Google in search results. So, if not only for UX, do it for your organic reach and search ranking.

2. Voice Search

Voice search has grown 35x in 9 years. If it can sustain its current growth, at least 50% of all searches will use either speech or images by 2020.

It's quite self-explanatory what voice search is. You perform normal search functions, but using your voice. That's it. 

Voice search is seeing enormous growth, and with the rise of personal assistant devices, it makes sense that it will only increase. The potential is that voice search will be the next major search medium... which should set a fire in your pants to do something about it. 

Voice search helps customers use the internet and discover your content without the use of their hands... thus eliminating a huge barrier to search engines at the moment. As smartphone users will know, if you have sticky fingers or find yourself with a cup of tea in hand, it's far easier to ask Siri to help than to type in Google's search bar. It seems to satisfy several unique needs of today's users, which makes us think that this medium will only grow.

3. Instant Answers

The occurrence of instant answers has doubled since December 2014.

An instant answer occurs when you type a question or a statement into a search engine that’s seeking an answer… and the search engine supplies what it thinks is the most relevant answer to you, pulled from its best ranked webpage on the topic. Instant answers are being used by almost all search engines today, such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and AOL.

Of course, the reason for their rise in popularity and occurrence is obvious. Instant answers save time. Sometimes, they can save a lot of it. For individuals and businesses, this means saving money, happier work lives (as it helps avoid frustrations), and… boosted SEO juice. Why the boosted SEO juice? Because, the webpage that the search engine pulls the instant answer from is given position 0 in search results, which means it’s most likely to be clicked on. This aids organic visibility, and hopefully increases your page and domain authority.

Keep an eye on these trends during this year and, if you can, prepare your business for them. Or you may just find yourself left in the dust of your competitors. If you’d like to know more about keeping your SEO up to date for 2017, join our webinar on the 11th of May being hosted on our Facebook page.


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