Meet Sally Nursten - the Newest Member of the Struto Family

By Kurt Buttress - June 23, 2017

Yes, that's right folks – the Struto family is growing, sprouting like little inbound marketing seedlings in the digital marketing sun. Jokes aside, it's my immense pleasure to introduce you to our latest member, Sally Nursten.

Sally will take up the role of editor and inbound marketing specialist, and will amongst many other things assist the marketing team in taking our content marketing to the next level. I had the opportunity to meet with her and get the inside scoop on her background, what she'll be focusing on at Struto, her pet peeves and what it is that motivates her …

Hey there Sally, we're thrilled to have you as part of the team. What is your role at Struto and what will you be focusing on?

Hey Kurt. I'm excited to be working with Struto too. I am heading up the writing team as resident inbound marketing specialist. My focus is on mentoring our talented young writers, helping them develop their skills. I'll also act as editor, overseeing the final stages of all copy before publication.

What is your previous experience and how did you come to join the team?

I've known Craig, Struto's CEO, since 2007. We met when he was marketing director of an IT security specialist company - s2s, where I was his PR account manager.

I graduated from Bath Spa university with a joint BA honours in English Literature and Creative Writing and started out as a TV researcher. I later became a journalist on several UK magazines and websites before moving into PR.

Since 2010, I've focused on inbound marketing; helping businesses create high-performing content and acting as inbound marketing consultant on various projects.

On a more personal note - tell us about some of your likes and dislikes (music, food, pets - or pet peeves).

About a million years ago, I was a professional ballet dancer. I'm still a huge theatre fan and see as many shows as possible. Live music is a must as well, whether it's Rachmaninov, Metallica or a student guitarist in a pub.

I have an awesome, crazy family, including two even crazier dogs: I love hanging out with them. I also love going to the gym, reading literature or National Geographic and eating Thai food. My pet peeve is unpredictably itchy jumpers.

You're presenting on Creating Great Content at our 2017 UK Workshop - what is your experience on the subject and what do you have in store for our workshop attendees?


I've written pretty much every kind of content you can imagine: technical online navigational text for a pioneer of interactive web content, celebrity interviews, rugby features, a novel and probably thousands of pages of PR and inbound marketing copy, not that I've counted.

I talk to many businesses who understand inbound marketing and believe in it, yet their content is still outbound. They are still trying to sell, not solve; push not pull. During the workshop, I'm going to break down what good content looks like and share some tips on making sure all your content is inbound.

What would you say your strongest contributions are, and what are the more challenging aspects of what you do?

I'll start with the challenges. The biggest challenge for content creators is the staggering volume of competition out there. How can you make your blog post/case study/home page more appealing than someone else's?

My strongest contribution has to be the wealth of lessons my twenty years of writing experience have taught me. I want to share as much as I can.

The great thing about a highly competitive content-driven world is how it's upped the quality of work out there. Poor quality content doesn't get you found: there's no alternative than to produce strong work. I definitely feel I can help businesses achieve this goal.

Continuing from the last question, what motivates you and what would you say frustrates you most?

As a language junkie, words are my motivation. Inbound marketing changes subtly all the time because the way we use the internet is evolving - keeping up with it all is a buzz.

Passing on my knowledge and experience of inbound marketing to the next generation of writers is incredibly rewarding too. I want to help my team excel with skills they can use for the rest of their careers.

Writing for business is fascinating; the breadth of topics an agency writer gets to cover is inspiring and challenging. When I graduated, I never imagined how many subjects I'd delve into. Frustrations? Bad grammar. Particularly when it's a stupid mistake I've made myself.

Thank you for your time, Sally. I'm confident you'll be a fantastic addition to the team and offer up valuable content marketing accelerator tips to our Workshop attendees.

If you'd like to meet Sally and the rest of our team of speakers at this year's anticipated 2017 Workshop, register now to confirm your spot.

Date: 29th June | Time: 9:00am - 13:00pm

Venue: Sutherland Labs, 52 Short Garden, London


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