The True Value of Personalisation in Your Marketing

By Kurt Buttress - April 23, 2018

Some people just love shopping. They enjoy the thrill and excitement of store hopping and chasing after elusive bargains. Holiday seasons, they'll take on the mall with their entire family in tow; or chase around frantically on birthdays and Valentine's Day for last minute gifts. I'm not like that - I hate shopping. Who has time for queues and people, crying babies and overcrowded changing rooms? No, I'm definitely not part of the mall-rat race. 

My ideal shopping experience is to sit back, cup of tea in one hand and my mouse in the other, knowing that I'll soon receive my online-purchased items at my front door. Ah, bliss.

There's something else I love about being an unashamed online shopper - the personal touch. Online retailers go out of their way to ensure you're greeted with a cheery "Hi" whenever you log on, a list of suggestions based on your prior purchases and notifications on the latest specials. Then there's the emails with nice bonuses, like a voucher code if they see you haven't shopped in a while, or a promo because it’s your birthday. All these little touches work together to keep me coming back over and over again.

Yep. I'm a sucker for great marketing personalisation - and I'm not alone.

A Marketing Personalisation Definition

Personalisation is a marketing strategy where companies leverage information, data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualised messages and product offerings to prospects or current customers. It is also referred to as one-to-one marketing. 

Personalisation allows you to engage directly and intimately with your target audience, one at a time, and draw their attention with  content aimed purely at them. It maximises the potential of your time spent interacting with them, which is why so many businesses incorporate it into their marketing strategy.

There are a number of ways businesses implement personalisation. Think about the last time you visited Amazon. They're regularly cited as a fantastic example of effective website personalisation and with good reason. No two visitors to Amazon will see the same recommendations. That's because Amazon, and others using dynamic content, take your online information - your demographics, topics of interest, historical behaviour and transactions - and tailor the content to your preferences. 

Before you can tailor and personalise your visitor's experiences, there are some key technical steps you should take:  

marketing Personalisation techniques

Step.1 - Centralise your contact database

Your marketing database houses all the important information about your contacts that allow you to deliver dynamic content based on certain attributes.

Step.2 - Marketing-owned CMS

In order to be able to make changes quickly and easily, it is recommended that your marketing team or agency takes responsibility of the updating of content on the site. Note: it helps if the site is easy to edit and not overly technical too.

Step.3 - SMART content generator

Smart content is blocks of images or text that can be either shown or hidden, based on certain rules you have set up. A smart generator is the mechanism that manages the smart content in terms of delivering what is required for the contact.

Step.4 - An integrated email system

If you are looking to include dynamic content in your emails (which you should totally do, by the way) you will need your email system connected to the same contacts database and smart content generator.

With the right environment set up and primed for tailoring your unique messaging, you can get busy personalising your site to your specific users and target personas. Here are some of the ways personalisation can power up your marketing strategy and drive more success and engagement within your business.

marketing personalisation examples

Tick these off your personalisation checklist as you set up your marketing. These examples should steer you in the right direction of what you should be looking at when preparing your marketing personalisation campaigns. 

Revisit Your Buyer Personas 

complete buyer personas

Your personas are the very core of your marketing - they define nearly every approach you're going to take, and whether or not your attempts will be successful. If you've let them slide, or haven't properly completed them, you are writing blind.

Take the time to understand your target personas. You can do this by asking the right questions when going through the buyer persona creation process. Once you've got complete buyer personas in place, tailor your offerings according to their specific needs and pain points.

Tailor Your Content Creation

personalise content across buyer's journey

Your goal should be to ensure your buyer personas receive personalised content at each and every step of the buyer's journey. This means content that differs depending on which stage of the buyer’s journey they may be in, whether it's unique headline messaging or content differentiation.

Personalise your Content


The goal of personalisation is  to make your visitors feel welcomed and understood. The moment they feel known and valued on your site, is the moment your personalisation efforts have paid off. 

The main challenge with peronalisation is getting the balance right. The last thing you want is to create pages that look intentionally spammy. When in doubt, swing towards subtlety. Opt to use it in follow-up emails, newsletter and logging into member areas on your site. Use the right personalisation tokens that will enhance your message and create connection with your reader. Things like first names on opening lines or company names within the body copy are all acceptable and valuable efforts. 

Cater for Multiple Devices


More and more people elect to connect via multiple devices than ever before, so it’s not a good idea to skip optimising your content and site for mobile devices. And this doesn't mean providing broadscale "mobile-optimised" experience, but one that takes into account the experiences of users on a mobile phone versus ones using a tablet.

Create a Unique Website Experience


If your website never has anything new to offer returning visitors, you're bound to lose out on building great marketing qualified leads. It's up to you to ensure your site stays fresh with new content, and considers each stage in a buyer's lifecycle when providing them with content, whether it's changing up CTAs or modifying your content. Let your website reflect the value you offer by solving the pain points of your targeted audience members.

Perform Thorough Site Analysis


Knowing how well your site is performing page for page is important for isolating and noting the behavioral patterns your target audience is exhibiting at a given time. Having this information on hand gives you greater insight into what to offer them next to ensure they remain satisfied.

Revisit Your Email Marketing

emailmarketing 3

Are your marketing emails generic and dull? If so, it's time to liven them up and start using them as personalised outreaches that help you establish contact with your buyer personas. Use personalisation tokens and keep with the practice of targeting your content to each stage of the buyer's journey.

Marketing Personalisation Benefits 

Everyone knows that content is king, so personalisation can be used to bolster your site content to ensure it penetrates even deeper and engages uniquely with each visitor. HubSpot's CMS helps to transform a standard static website into a personalised platform with which to target all your leads.  

The integrated nature of the HubSpot CMS pools all the bits and pieces needed to deliver this 'Wow, they know exactly what I need' journey, building and maintaining trust with your potential and existing clients alike. As each new or existing visitor lands on your site they are dazzled with tailored dynamic content that offers up exactly what they're looking for.

What exactly do we mean by dynamic content? Have a look at how you can personalise elements on your site to target and segment content for different users, even targeting where they're based within their buyer's journey.

Everyone knows that adding a personal touch boosts value and has the ability to transform the encounter for the better. Why not give it a try in your marketing? Have any personalisation tips for us? We'd love to hear from you!


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