5 Reasons You Should Be Using Marketing Automation Software

By Brad Harris - February 17, 2016

There’s a clear link between increasing ROI and businesses who use marketing automation software in their content marketing services. But not everyone’s aware of these benefits.

The reality is that marketing automation software is still a relatively young thought in marketing, and the benefits of using it are not easily apparent to all. Opting to differentiate your tech company goes a long way in creating a unique approach to automation. It really takes some research to truly understand how it can help you in your marketing efforts, bring in more visitors, convert more leads and increase your return on investment (ROI). 

That’s why we’ve done this for you and put together an easy list of 5 top reasons that you should be using marketing automation software in your agency or for your business.

5 Reasons to Use Marketing Automation Software

1. Efficiency: Combining Marketing Channels and Functions Reduces the Learning Curve

Sometimes you just want things to be easier. Wasting time having to jump between different platforms, learning how to operate each one, making mistakes on one that affects another and then having to start all over again is just… tiring. And it’s costing you money.

Marketing automation software cuts right through this and allows your business’s marketing strategy to become a seamless network of channels and functions, which work together. Software like HubSpot combines marketing channels and functions together into a single platform, meaning that you only have to learn how to use one program, which helps to make you be more efficient, more productive and save money.

2. Supports the Buyer’s Journey

Because marketing automation software combines channels and functions, what you’re presented with is a tool that can easily support the entire buyer’s journey well. Emails, blogs, social media, website building, CTA creation and analytics all in one place (just to mention a few). This helps you to create cross-channel campaigns that compliment each other and takes the buyer along their journey from prospect to promoter.

Because all of your analytics are in one place with marketing automation software, you can easily track prospects’ and leads’ journeys across your content, creating a map of their interaction. This helps you to understand what they’re looking for, and to create content to convert them more consistently and quickly.

3. Provides a Detailed Overview of Your Marketing Efforts 

Let’s talk about a previous point in some more detail. Imagine your analytics of all your marketing efforts were kept in one place, and then correlated into detailed overview reports in which you could easily read? Well, it’s possible.

This is possibly the greatest benefit of marketing automation software – that you can see how every channel is performing and reacting in relation to your other channels. Having easy access to this data allows you to constantly improve your content and marketing by understanding what is working best for you along the way. Access to this aggregated data is nearly impossible to create when working across multiple platforms, and definitely takes more time if you can ever get it right. 

In fact, some marketing automation platforms even forecast revenue growth and manage your cash flow, based on your previous statistics.

4. Aligns the Marketing and Sales Teams

This is important. For a business to function well, the marketing and sales teams need to communicate clearly… but marketing and sales are infamous for miscommunication and misalignment, which can result in a loss of conversion and so a loss of ROI.

Marketing might qualify a lead, but if they haven’t been speaking to the sales team, the buyer personas that they’re using to find leads might be completely wrong. Marketing automation software removes this concern by allowing marketing and sales teams to be able to see what each other are doing. Both will have access to the same information, whenever they want it… and so the space for misalignment between teams is minimised greatly.

5. Enhances Personalisation and Eases Segmentation

Again we call on two facts: That all or most of your marketing channels are found in one place and, second, that all your analytics are in one place. Above everything else, this makes it far more possible for you to develop a unique voice and personalisation for your content.

The online will never replace face to face interaction, but it can come close. Personalisation is what makes your business stand out from the plethora of others, and anything that can aid you in building personalised content for visitors to your website is certainly something to consider. With marketing automation software, you can analyse how your visitors are engaging with each of your content channels and react to this. Find out which content they prefer, which keywords they use, which emails they prefer to open and click-through, and even when and how they interact with social media – there’s no jumping between different platforms to correlate this data, instead you can see it all on one. 

I hope I’ve helped you understand marketing automation software a bit better, and come to the decision of whether or not it’s best for you. Grab some in-depth insights to inbound marketing, and how to make your tech company stand out, in the link below.



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