Looking to Improve Lead Nurturing? Get Out Your Content Map

By Lauren Inggs - November 27, 2015

Have you been wandering aimlessly through the proverbial woods of lead nurturing, taking a path here or there, but pretty much hoping you'll come out at your destination with little idea of how to get there? It happens to us all from time to time - but the key is to call an end to our meanderings and be intentional about our efforts to set up the sort of lead nurturing that leaves our audiences feeling understood and valued. But where do we begin?

Well, what do most people do when they're lost? Yup, they consult a map.

What's a Content Map and How Does It Work?

As individuals, we're all unique - we have our own quirks and preferences that define us. This makes creating one-size fits all content a terrible idea (at least if you're hoping to keep generating and nurturing solid leads). Your content needs to reflect the diversity of your buyer persona profiles, and their buyer journeys - but achieving this can be tricky if you don't have a guide to keep you from missing the mark.

There's a common misconception that creative and brilliant content occurs like a thunderbolt from the blue - you're just sitting down at your desk when suddenly creativity and genius zaps you and you create phenomenal content. Well, it doesn't work this way. The best content creators know and understand the value of planning, planning and then some more planning. Which is where content mapping comes in.

A content map outlines your plan of action for your content creation based on the lifecycle of your specific buyer persona. In other words, you're going to want to map out your content for each persona based on the lifecycle stages of awareness, consideration and decision.

It All Starts with a Content Audit

Can you honestly say you've been delivering the right content, to the right person at precisely the right time in your content marketing? Chances are fairly good that like most of us, you've got room for improvement in this area. So take the time to give your current content a once over. Assess whether or not it can continue being used, be repurposed, or needs to head for the stale heap.

Begin Plotting Your Course

The next step is taking your content and mapping it to the stages of awareness, consideration and decision for each of your buyer personas - essentially into ToFU, MoFu and BoFu offers and content. You'll find gaps in your map initially, which lets you know the areas you'll need to focus on creating content for first.

Remember that each persona is unique, so you may notice a wealth of content that meets the needs of one, but realise you've got very little in the way of content that addresses another. The whole purpose of content mapping is to see these imbalances corrected and to help you plan and launch effective campaigns going forward.

Start Nurturing Those Leads

As mentioned above, once you've completed your content map, you'll start to spot both gaps and opportunities in your content marketing strategy - lead nurturing campaigns you can get out the gate pronto, and others which may need some work before you can see fruit from them.

Create a scheduling and prioritisation system for lining up these efforts in the order they need to take place, and start launching your campaigns, optimising your pages and creating content that speaks to your individual buyer personas in message and format.

By breaking down your content strategy into a clearly defined map, you're highlighting areas where you can nurture leads with greater efficiency and efficacy. So take the time to create your very own content map, and start boosting your lead nurturing!



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