Consider Hubspot COS for your Website Redesign, Here's Why

By Lauren Inggs - October 18, 2015

So, how's your website looking these days? Does it still look exactly the same as it did when you launched it 2 or 3 years ago? Yikes! Not so good. Your website is the absolute last area of your business you should allow to slip slowly into stagnancy.

A great website needs to be back by growth-driven design, rocking the ability to offer your target audience a unique experience that aligns perfectly with their needs, pain points and location in the buyer's journey cycle.

But with all the choices and decisions that come with a complete site overhaul, you may feel a tad overwhelmed by too many options and considerations. There is a smarter way of going about redesigning your website, though, and it's called Hubspot COS.

What is Hubspot COS?

Hubspot's content optimisation system (COS) is a forwarding thinking website platform, one that takes into account the constant need for businesses to present websites that reflect the needs of their buyer personas while offering you the opportunity to take your content and customer relationship management to the next level.

8 Ways Redesigning Your Website on Hubspot COS is Awesome

1. It's an All-in-One Solution

Most marketers are operating with a set of disparate systems that leads to frustration and inefficiencies. Hubspot's COS is a powerhouse when it comes to integrated marketing software amalgamating your content management system (website management), customer relationship management software and analytics. All you need to run effective marketing campaigns under 'one roof'.

2. It's Super-Responsive

Where were you when Google's Mobilegeddon hit? Hopefully you weren't on the side of all those non-responsive sites that took a knock in rankings. But if you were, you'd know firsthand how important mobile-responsiveness is for a company's website. It's a non-negotiable these days. Hubspot COS is mobile optimised from the start, ensuring your pages look great for mobile visitors too, without the hassle of additional code or special plug-ins.

3. It's SMART

Personalisation plays a critical role in inbound marketing. This is undeniably clear when you consider that personalised emails deliver up to 6x higher transaction rates, and that personalised calls-to-action result in a 42% higher conversion rate. That's the power of personalisation for you. Unfortunately, for companies with websites built on other web platforms, achieving personalised content is cumbersome, if not impossible. HubSpot COS is different because:

  • It's linked to your contacts database
  • It has SMART content modules

This powerful combination allows you to use what you know about your visitor - be it their industry, location, stage in the buying cycle or lead status - to present dynamic content, and therefore, a personalised and pertinent experience.

4. What You See Is What You Get

There was a time when marketers needed to rely heavily on the IT department or their own knowledge of HTML whenever they needed to create or update content on their sites. While we definitely recommend marketers gain a basic understanding of HTML (it’s always useful!), Hubspot takes the pain out of the content creation and updating processes with its real-time WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") feature. This feature allows easy “on-page” editing, with the added bonus of seeing your changes as you make them.

5. It's Fast

According to a test done by Yottaa, Hubspot COS ranked tops when it came to speed, boasting a median time to interact of slightly over 4 seconds, beating out sites built in Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. And since Google considers loading times a factor when ranking sites, faster load times will help boost your site's SEO.

6. It's Optimised

There's one thing every business wants to see their website doing, and that's generating and converting visitors into leads. Hubspot COS is geared towards seeing greater conversions by making it possible to easily create landing pages and calls-to-action that are simple to insert into your web pages and blogs.

7. It's Great for Tracking

Every inbound marketer has felt the pain of a restrictive marketing budget. But the only way to get an increase in your marketing budget, as Hubspot's State of Inbound 2015 highlighted, is by proving your ROI to management. Of course, without proper tracking and reporting, finding ROI stats to give to your c-suite is as slippery as an eel. Hubspot COS doesn't just simplify this process with its extensive tracking and analytics features; it also helps you spot areas in your marketing campaigns that need a little tweaking or reworking to see more success.

8. It's Easy to Use

The intrinsically user-friendly interface that defines Hubspot COS makes it simple for entry-level users to make changes on their websites and tweak their content. They’re constantly making improvements and enhancements to their interface, and offer a wealth of extensive training, tutorials and tips through their academy and forums.

Motivational guru Tony Robbins once said, "Change is inevitable, progress is optional." The same is true for your website - no matter what, you will need to change it if you hope to see it continue being an asset to your business. The question is, will you keep it static or choose the road of progress and embrace the many advantages Hubspot's COS has to offer you. The choice is yours!


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