HubSpot CMS Themes: A review by a CEO, COO, Developer, Designer, Marketer and PM


By Estee Hall - August 26, 2020

HubSpot has recently launched their CMS Hub and introduced themes to the HubSpot community. What are themes? Our designer, Brian Ackerman, explores what themes look like, what they can do and why he's excited about it.

A web designer's view on HubSPot themes

Designers are loving themes. But we also wanted to know what HubSpot developers thought, so we asked Riyaadh Fakier what he likes best about themes. 

A website developers opinion of HubSpot themes

We also checked in with Siro, Naidoo, our Head of Client Services on what she thought and how it would impact clients using the HubSpot CMS.

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And on the operations side of an agency, we had a chat with COO Grant Wiltshire and Project Manager Nolan Joubert.

A Operational perspective on HubSpot Themes

There you have it: everyone is excited by themes, and so should you be!

Check out our comprehensive guide if you're looking to learn more about the functionality and benefits of the HubSpot CMS Hub.


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