Diving Deeper into HubSpot’s Service Hub and Its Features

By Lauren Inggs - September 10, 2018

We live in a busy, fast-paced world. Our customers’ demands are rapidly changing, and keeping our clients satisfied and delighted requires a look at traditional customer service with fresh eyes. A new approach is needed if we want to stay competitive.

Happy customers can be valuable allies in driving growth in your company and pulling in new prospects. Through referrals to friends and associates, they can send new business your way. The data your team can gather during customer interactions can also help you improve both your marketing and sales strategies.

Did you know that 54% of customers have higher expectations for customer service than they did one year ago? That’s according to the Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report 2017. Subsequently, it’s essential that you keep up your customer service, so your current customers become evangelists for your business.

But it’s clear that traditional customer service needs a revamp. Enter HubSpot’s new Service Hub.

What makes the HubSpot Service Hub so unique?

Taking note of changing customer behaviour and the gap between customer needs and traditional customer service, HubSpot set out to create a modern customer service system to bridge that gap, allowing businesses to gain more significant insights into their clients while offering improved service.

By using the Service Hub, your teams can actively work towards improving their future content, lead generation, social media strategies and overall messaging, ensuring it stays on highly relevant to their target market. This is a continuous process, driven by data and helping to hone your marketing and sales efforts.

How HubSpot’s Service Hub is Changing Customer Service for the Better

The Service Hub looks at improving customer service by focusing on four key aspects. These are: 

  1. Improving response times to client interactions 

Poor communication after sales is a long-standing issue with customers. We’ve all experienced the frustration of knowing a business has our money and has washed their hands of us going forward.

Today’s customers want real-time responses to their problems. They want their expectations to be met asap, something traditional customer service has often struggled with. HubSpot’s Service Hub has live chat functionality which can be added to your website, allowing for customer discussions that take place instantly.

 It also has a universal conversations inbox that makes team collaboration on customer communication simple by aggregating customer chats, emails and more. The HubSpot CRM is integrated with the conversations inbox, so when you’re chatting to a client, you can access all the information you have about them during the conversation. This includes lead generation efforts and existing client interactions, from the first contact to current calls with team members.

This is critical information to have on hand, as 68% of individuals expect a brand to know their contact, product and service history when talking to a customer service representative.

Got a complex client issue? These can now be logged as tickets which can be assigned to the individual team members best equipped to resolve the issue. All logged tickets are organised and prioritised, to ensure no client issue is overlooked. 

  1. Improving your team’s overall productivity 

Ask any customer support team, and they’ll tell you it’s admin processes that slow them down and impede their productivity.

 The Service Hub streamlines these processes by: 

  • Turning incoming client emails into tickets
  • Routing incoming client emails into conversations
  • Supplying customisable email templates and canned responses to common support questions
  • Making chatbot functionality available to support team members and boost efficiency
  • Routing and automating tickets to create a help desk
  1. Empowering customers to help themselves 

Did you know that 93% of customers expect businesses to anticipate their needs and have self-service online customer support help available? By using HubSpot’s tools, you can turn frequently asked customer service questions and tickets into an optimised knowledge base of help articles and documents.

If your customers Google a question, your knowledge base articles will be automatically indexed in search so that they can be quickly found, answering those questions directly and promptly. 

  1. Transforming customers into brand promoters 

Turning your customers into evangelists means gaining in-depth knowledge regarding their needs. Using Service Hub, you can gather detailed feedback that allows you to achieve deeper customer insight and act on it. 

HubSpot’s feedback tools allow you to: 

  • Deploy surveys that capture qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Gather suggestions to improve response rates and build a data baseline
  • Kickoff automated customer marketing emails or internal notifications to your team 

HubSpot also has built-in reporting tools that allow you to measure usage data and feedback on your knowledge articles, so you can keep improving them. 

By using the HubSpot Service Hub, you’ll be able to engage with your clients on a deeper level. It’s possible to use the information you gather to guide your customers better and tailor your solutions to meet their needs. Finally, you’ll be able to identify your top promoters and use them to grow your business. 

Wanting to know more about the Service Hub and implementing it in your business? Feel free to reach out to one of our team members. They’re ready to help you with all your questions and to take your customer service to the next level.

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