A Technology Differentiation Strategy for your Business


By Kurt Buttress - January 26, 2017

HubSpot claims that it takes the modern buyer six to eight touches with a company before they’re open to discussing what a sales proposition could do for them. It's crucial to position your offerings and differentiate them from the rest, to leverage off of this early stage in the buyer journey.

Given this statistic, wouldn't you also want to put your best foot forward from day one – the very first time potential buyers interact with your website? Differentiation sees to it that you stand out from the crowd of other technology solution providers. Don't just set yourself apart in how you design your offer, but as importantly, in how you make a connection with your potential buyers. You can do that by sharing your ideals, your professionalism and your methodology in order to build trust.

Differentiation in a tech business world

Companies employ various strategies to differentiate themselves from others in the modern world, be it in product packaging, aftermarket services, pricing, imagery and visuals, design, etc. In our world connected by technology, buyers are all about being served the correct, tailored content to suit their individual or business' needs more accurately. It is up to you, the savvy tech owner, to discover new ways to differentiate your offers and entice clients with smart, customised content that appeals to their desires or needs.

Your tool for the job? Inbound Marketing 

While the term has been around for some time, many businesses and even marketers still don't fully understand what it entails. What is Inbound Marketing? Is it your best tool for differentiating yourself and your business offerings from the overflowing pool of outdated marketing methods and services? The Inbound methodology is designed to be a nurturing, tailored experience from start to finish; serving a client's need throughout their specific buyer journey.

Visitors are attracted to appealing, useful content, then converted into leads; and through lead nurturing and workflows, are served meaningful content and offers until they become clients. Most prospects first access reviews, social media and case studies before making a decision to contact a particular business or vendor. Due to their informed state, they expect a personal service that focuses on finding solutions for their particular needs. A specialised service differentiates you from the run-of-the-mill, traditional marketing or design approach; an approach which is now largely defunct and fundamentally broken.

Sure, many elements such as lead nurturing, workflows, or even delighting customers are not concepts unfamiliar to traditional marketing. The way they are used, however, and the "client's need first VS what we can do for the client" approach, is a refreshing twist to conventional customer service and retention.

When integrated with revolutionary tactics which involve a redesign of traditional web design as well, you soon begin to see a much larger picture forming, and ultimately a more efficient way of getting things done. As you know, efficiency breeds results – and Inbound means securing a better quality lead, more precise referrals and targeting procedures to close appropriate customers. 

GDD, PDM, Sales and Integration

Inbound Marketing doesn't ignore the strengths of traditional marketing but rather builds upon them to improve a buyer's experience and establish a lasting relationship. As a modern tech business owner, your differentiation is dependent on the longevity of the relationship you intend to cultivate with your clients. Redesigning the way in which web design, marketing and sales is approached means saying good-bye to treating clients as projects that are completed and moved aside to make way for newer ones. Your lasting relationship with your prospects is the cornerstone of Inbound Marketing, and considering all that goes into securing your lead, nurturing them, and serving them with tailored treats, why would you not want to keep this bond? 

This extended buyer lifecycle is best supported through methods such as GDD, PDM and Inbound Sales.

  • Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is the continued improvement of the client's website and design throughout the buying journey.
  • Performance-Driven Marketing (PDM) is then concerned with the ongoing optimisation and marketing performance aspects.
  • Inbound Sales is a methodology that creates a sales process that aligns itself with the way people buy. Inbound Sales people are concerned with putting the client and their needs first to prioritise active buyers within their individual journeys. Once marketing creates and nurtures Market Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), the appropriate lead is then passed over to an Inbound Sales team.

Fine, you've heard agencies throw out fancy terms, and expand on already existing methodologies before – but how does this all help you differentiate yourself? 

It all comes back to how everything works together in synergy. Traditionally, various stages of these processes are conducted autonomously but, once they align as prescribed by Inbound Marketing; that's when the magic really happens. An example of this is when marketing and sales align to nurture a lead until it is sales qualified. This Smarketing effort is just one example of a differentiating factor that may help you get ahead of your competitors.

Through the creation of a fully integrated buyer's experience, you personalise your client's journey, making you stand out from the rest. Gone are the days of your company promising customers the moon and the stars. Differentiating your offerings with Inbound Marketing means clients come to you as they become attracted by the tailored content your business offers and how it's positioned itself as a thought/industry leader. This approach is more personal, valued and trusted by today's modern consumer/customer. Talk to us about how you can go about differentiating your company and services in line with Inbound Marketing.



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