Be Brave and Personalise Your Content Marketing!

By Lizette Louw - February 24, 2016

Here's an example of personalising content marketing services: A friend of mine was recently invited to interview for a job at a fast growing venture capital company. She had applied for the position and was eager to hear from the organisation, only, when the phone call came through, the company's representative followed a script for the entire 5-minute conversation, line by line, as if reciting a prepared speech. Needless to say, she politely declined the meeting.

When in a state of uncertainty, need, or exploration, finding a human touch lets us know that individuality will be recognised – an element of trust that assures us that we are in good hands. Similarly, prospective buyers searching for solutions to their needs and desires don’t want to be shoved in the same box as everyone else. The reality of the Internet is that users have millions of content resources to choose across a horde of topics. This is why it’s important that our blog posts, newsletters and eBooks make users feel like we are addressing them personally, and that they are dealing with a human and not a bot. Here are seven tips for creating content that is professional yet personal:

7 Tips for Adding the Personal Touch to your Content Marketing

1. Narrow down your focus

One of the fundamental principles of inbound marketing is to determine your ideal customers and to tailor your content accordingly. Especially if your business is new to content marketing, it makes sense to focus on creating high-quality content for those prospects who are most likely to buy, instead of generalised content that draws a large number of disinterested prospects.

2. Value added now hints at value added later

There’s no argument as convincing as the one that comes with proof. By serving your users content that is valuable to them now, it will be much easier to convince them that also your products, services and offering will be of value to their business. Even if your buyers are not ready to take the next step just yet, they are sure to stick around to get some more of the good stuff.

3. Engage with your Buyer Personas in a timely fashion

We can all identify with the hassle of an over-eager salesperson approaching us while we’re simply browsing the aisles and the annoyance of searching for sales assistance when we’re ready to buy. This is why Struto uses an intelligent content optimisation system that allows us to deliver the right type of content to the right buyer at the right stage of their buyer’s journey.

4. Think like a researcher

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion,” said American statistician, professor and engineer W. Edwards Deming. The same goes for content marketing. Go beyond assumptions and sign up for a COS service like HubSpot. You will be able to learn what kind of content loses your audience and which content has them riveted and begging for more. Employ your fundamental assumptions and measure your audience’s response to assess how your strategy is panning out.

5. Deliver content that you can be proud of

Any bit of content available on your digital platforms is a representation of your brand, and even if it doesn’t carry your by-line, it’s still a piece of work to add to your portfolio. The quality of your content automatically reflects on the quality of services and products that your company delivers. And remember, there’s no shame in opting for hiring someone else to create content that does right by your brand.

6. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm

If your brand, services and products don’t get you excited, they won’t get your prospects excited either. Make sure that the people responsible for creating your content have bought into your brand, and eager to share their passion.

7. The X-factor

As the wise Dr Seuss taught us as children, “there is no one alive who is youer than you,” which is an asset that you can capitalise on with your content marketing. Personalising your content is not just about addressing your buyer persona personally, but sharing something of your quirk and charm. Whether you and your brand are serious, technical or silly, let your content reflect your personality, and you’ll attract the type of buyers who are eager to do business with someone like you.

Here's the bottom-line about personalising your content marketing.

It all comes down to this, folks: there’s no room for one-size-fits-all in content creation, so, take the plunge and add a bit of personal flair to your content.