4 Content Marketing Faux Pas You Can't Afford to Make

By Annie Crossland - November 18, 2015

It's 2017, and content is still king! This year has seen the rise of video, visual, quality content, with a strong social and SEO integration. More traditional forms of marketing are slowly but surely falling to the wayside with more and more internet users getting savvy about what they want from your business and how they want it. This has lead to the rise in voice search conducted on mobile devices.

For business owners and digital marketers, it’s imperative to integrate this modern content marketing mix into your strategy and place an even bigger emphasis on crafting personal, meaningful content that is consistent across all marketing channels and delivers value to your prospects, leads and customers, while making meaningful connections.

We strongly believe that taking full advantage of content marketing means staying ahead of the curve and updating your content strategy accordingly. Its also important to hone in on the quality of your content marketing and to constantly iron out the pitfalls that stop your business from getting results. So to get your content marketing on the right foot, we’ve put together a list of the most common faux pas we’ve seen this year and what the fixes are to ensure you get the most out of your strategy!

Your Content Marketing Is Failing Because…

…You Have No Strategy, Limited Budget 

We’ve all been there. A blog post is due tomorrow. Who’s writing it? What should we write about? Which campaign are we writing for? Yikes!!!

It's easy to get caught up in generating a constant stream of content that inspires an action – often with a limited budget and resourcing at your disposal. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is not planning in advance and trying to produce content on the fly. It's a recipe for disaster.

Fix: Creating a well-defined content marketing plan and schedule – aligned with the business objectives - will bring an end to the pandemonium of producing on-demand content and allow you to be more effective across several tactics and social channels. The result? Feeling in control of your content marketing efforts that will allow you to justify more resources or securing that budget increase you deserve.

…It Adds No Value

Blogging 3 times a week is great - but how many of your blog posts actually resonate with your audience or directly address their pain points and challenges? A big content marketing faux pas today is being too bogged down with the quantity of content you produce and not paying attention to quality. 

Fix: Your content impacts the way your prospects and customers find, think, and feel about your brand. Creative, innovative and value-added content combined with SEO and social media best practices is a killer combination that makes your business easy to find and engaging for your target audience. Start off by drawing up comprehensive buyer persona profiles - outlining what their challenges are, what they value, where they look for answers and what friction points or objections you need to overcome in order to win their trust. Use these profiles to inform every piece of content you plan to produce. Rather opt for less frequent publication and better quality than the other way around.

…You Are Failing To Promote Content More Than Once

What’s the secret ingredient to building a sales-ready following with your blog? Hint: it’s not your content! It’s your ability to attract more readers and convert them into leads with each piece of quality content. Statistics show that 75% of marketers use a piece of content ONLY once. No wonder content marketers are missing the mark on getting their message heard. 

Fix: It’s simple really: repurpose content to breathe new life into topics that resonate with your audience. Take a blog post and turn it into a visual representation like a SlideShare or an infographic. Another way is to re-promote or redistribute your content in emails, share on social media or publish on forums and communities. Or pull out the various points in a post and share it in different ways at different times to reach different audiences. Not only do you save time but a new spin on existing content increases your chances of reaching a new audience while giving your SEO efforts a little boost. 

…You Are Giving Up Too Soon

The biggest reason content marketing fails is tat it's either inconsistent or it stops. Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint! If you are a looking for an instant fix or overnight returns, then content marketing isn’t going to win the race. It takes time and perseverance to develop into a scalable, powerful platform that delivers better results over the long-term than those of any short-term strategy.

Fix: Successful inbound campaigns rely on building relationships with regular content generation and curation, from eBooks and white papers to weekly blog posts and community engagement. Be prepared to plan, repurpose and share exciting content that resonates with your audience. And always make time to review your key metrics and revise your strategy if you’re not getting the results you want!