Choosing Growth: 3 Reasons to Invest in GDD

By Brad Harris - April 22, 2016

The traditional approach to website design inevitably leads to disappointment, am I right? Not only does it limit your website's performance to the accuracy of your initial assumptions, but it results in a design that's based on outdated technology and trends (which seemed so revolutionary at the time). Groan! 

Fear not: Growth-Driven Design is here to help you create a website that autunes to your users' preferred pitch and to the latest technology and design trends. 

You might remember our last blog about the benefits of adopting a GDD approach. Today's blog will help you to identify the issues which should lead you to seriously consider changing things up.  

3 BIG reasons why you need a GDD approach

1. You’re unhappy with your website's performance 

Best performing websites have one thing in common: they're designed primarily with the user in mind. If you're website is not performing as you'd hoped, the most likely reasons are:

Cut yourself some slack: The traditional approach of designing a website based on untested hypotheses is inherently flawed. That’s because it doesn't allow you the chance to test a hypothesis by analysing your users' responses, and to alter your website accordingly.

GDD begins with your hypothesis, but from that point it is all about making incremental changes according to what your analysis of real-time user data reveals. This means that as you see users reacting differently to how you imagined, you can alter your website, little by little, to work for them, analyse these changes as you make them, and so increase its performance.  

Unlike with traditional builds, a GDD approach is data-driven and allows you to constantly consider in what direction your website should be moving (based on real metrics). If you are unhappy with the design or performance, there is no extensive time commitment for a full re-design, but instead you slowly transform the website to perform as it’s intended (read: generate traffic, leads, and convert customers).  

2. You don’t have huge capital 

The traditional way of designing websites is expensive and requires bulk sums of money upfront.  

As we’ve mentioned above, GDD is about making incremental improvements to your website, which means the fee comes in far smaller amounts that are spread out over time. In fact, it even allows you decide which changes are most necessary, to create a priority website wish-list and to add new items to the list as the data points towards specific problems and solutions.  

This is not only great for making your website more accurately designed, but it also means that your wallet is more consistent and you can control what you’re paying for.  

3. You’re tired of the big risks 

We’ve covered the basics already, which is that GDD is data-driven, continually improves your website's performance, quicker to launch, and more cost effective. These benefits point to a singularly fantastic result: GDD involves less risk 

Not only do you not need to provide a bulk sum of capital to fully re-design your website on a 2-year basis (based on your latest hypothesis of users behaviour), but you also don’t have to worry about getting it wrong. In fact, GDD allows you to test different approaches with your users, to understand what works best without betting the success of an entire project on your hypotheses. This means that GDD helps you to learn about your customers and prospects more than any other approach out there, by making it easy for you to discover what they respond best to in a cost and time-effective way.  

We could go on much more, but we’ll leave you here for now. But if you find yourself wanting to know more, then just pop on over and see what else we have to say about GDD 

If you’d like to seriously consider giving GDD a go, well then just get it touch with us with our live-chat in the bottom right of your screen. We’d love to chat to you about it and offer our advice. 


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