How To Boost Your Inbound Marketing Campaign Conversion Rate


By Vee Tardrew - December 20, 2013

“Our website's conversion right is high enough” … said no marketer, ever.

As a primary function of our role, converting high quality leads to is top of our agenda. In fact, a DemandWave Report tells us that 42% of B2B marketers listed lead conversion as their top priority.

How do we ensure that we are achieving our lead conversion objectives going forward? We create (more) awesome marketing offers, of course! HubSpot are undeniable pros at this and they generate tons, TONS of leads on a monthly basis using their premium content offers. They share these offers out on social media and include them in their lead nurturing.

What is a Marketing Offer?

Let me step back a moment and make sure everyone is clear on what a marketing offer is precisely before we move on. Inbound Marketing campaign offers are generally content-based materials that are educational, informative or entertaining. Examples include:

  • eBooks or Guides 
  • Templates or Presentations Research & Reports 
  • Whitepapers Kits which comprises multiple offers as a package
  • Live Webinars
  • On-demand Video
  • Free Trials
  • Product Demonstrations

Any of the above are good choices for marketing offers but that is not to say a format is what makes an offer awesome. No, you need to ensure you’re checking off some other boxes to get that right. Let’s run through those now.

3 Qualities of Awesome Marketing Offers

Awesome Marketing Offers are Valuable

When you compile an offer, you’re going to place that offer on a landing page. Your site visitor is going to have to provide some of their contact details on a form in order to access your offer. People aren’t all that keen to part with that kind of information, and based on spam filled inboxes and unsolicited marketing calls, can you really blame them? Your offer needs to be compelling and valuable enough for them to overcome the ‘form-friction’ they experience and go on to give you their details. If you start earning a reputation for low-value offers behind forms, you can bet that’s going to seriously damage your lead generation and nurturing goals.

The very best way to ensure you’re creating valuable, premium-content is to produce content that addresses the problems, needs and interests of your target audience. This value can differ from offer to offer, in terms of where the person is in the sales process. An eBook or a webinar is great for educating your audience on a specific topic and generally seen as a top-of-the-funnel offer. A product demo is obviously more specific, giving a lead that has already gone through your educational material and opportunity to evaluate how your product would work in their environment. This is valuable to them as they reach a point where they would like to make a purchasing decision.

Awesome Offers Align with Your Business

This may sound like a no-brainer but your marketing offers need to complement products and services your business has on offer. Your educational eBook offer is not going to lead with how fabulous your products are, but it is going to address the concepts that align with your business offerings. For example, here at Struto we provide Inbound Marketing Services, so our offers focus on helping prospects with their marketing challenges, presenting inbound marketing methodologies as a solution to these challenges without ever making the ‘sales-pitch’ for your business.

Awesome Offers are Targeted

I mentioned the point in the sales cycle already in terms of value, but just as important is targeting at the right time in that cycle as well as understanding that buyer persona’s specific interests and needs. This all comes together when you plan your lead nurturing campaigns and which calls-to-action you place where on your website.

Lead management software allows you to uncover information about your leads that will help you effectively segment them into appropriate nurturing campaigns based on buyer persona, where they are in the buying cycle and where their specific interest lies. Sending them offers that apply to them based on your lead intelligence ensures you can better qualify them before handing them to sales for follow-up.

Similarly you can use this analysis to determine which calls-to-actions should be placed on which pages of your website. You may find that your blog, for example, is generally the first touch point for new visitors (thanks to your excellent search engine optimisation and social media sharing, of course!). It would therefore make sense to include offers of a more educational nature on your blog sidebar and posts. These would be the likes of eBooks and guides or checklists and presentations.Conversely, someone viewing your product or pricing site pages is probably not a newcomer and inevitably much closer to making a buying decision. In this case, you’d want to look at highlighting more bottom-of-the-funnel type offers such as a free demonstration or consultation or perhaps even a coupon or voucher for a discount.

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