Why a HubSpot Diamond partner gets you better results

By Lauren Inggs - October 24, 2018

Any ambitious business wants to see measurable growth. The most successful businesses align their sales and marketing teams and centralise them around the needs, preferences and behaviours of their customers. 

Sounds straightforward, right? Particularly when you have great marketing and sales enablement technology such as HubSpot to help you. But having the technology is only the start. Getting the most from the platform takes its own level of expertise. 

This is where a HubSpot partner agency can help.

HubSpot’s head of EMEA, Christian Kinnear, was recently asked about why he thinks businesses benefit from working with a partner agency. He said: 

“Partners provide a level of service that actually, HubSpot can’t provide. Our customers are busy managing their businesses – they are not marketing experts. Partners can bring a breadth of experience and knowledge they’ve gathered around doing this many, many times. Having that personal touch, being able to tailor the solution, really deeply understanding what the customer’s trying to achieve, the kind of value they’ll need to deliver and … just helping roll out what’s going to come next; this can really help the customer navigate what might be a daunting exercise. I think partners do that beautifully well. They provide an excellent service, particularly where there are complexities to address.”

What does it take to become a HubSpot Diamond Partner?

It takes years for an agency to reach the top tier of Diamond in HubSpot’s tiered system for ranking their partners. For Struto, it took seven years of consistently stretching ourselves to refine our processes and deliver more to our clients.

The HubSpot Agency Partner Tier program is designed, “to acknowledge those Agency Partners who have not only brought the inbound message to the most clients, but also those who executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards.” (HubSpot)

The first ranked tier is Silver, then Gold, then Platinum and finally, Diamond. There are forty three Diamond partners worldwide and six in the UK. 

These agencies have demonstrated their ability to leverage the power of HubSpot, using their experience and expertise to tailor the platform to best suit the needs of the client. They might have also provided in-depth strategy, web design, marketing, sales and services support to their clients.

Most importantly, to reach Diamond, an agency has to prove its effectiveness by showing the direct impact their work has had on their client’s growth.

The Perks of Working with a HubSpot Diamond Partner

Our HubSpot contacts are on hand for you

Diamond Partner agencies have greater access to HubSpot and their account managers than lower tiered partners. Each agency has a dedicated HubSpot team to help ensure they are among the first to know about every new HubSpot development and resource.

This enhanced service level to us directly improves the service we can offer our clients. We can inform you of any early access opportunities to the newest HubSpot tools and features as they become available. There are also many softer benefits that come from the additional support we receive from our HubSpot team.

As Diamond partners, we have a dedicated HubSpot channel consultant whose job is to help us drive more significant results for your campaigns. We also have access to a client management dashboard for greater visibility when it comes to the key performance metrics needed to make strategic, decisions that will boost campaign results.

Expert technical knowledge, support and service for all your growth projects

To reach the level of Diamond, an agency must prove to HubSpot that they can use the platform to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns, along with sales and services support, to their clients. This means presenting data that shows we’ve helped businesses like yours achieve their goals.

A Diamond agency’s service offering goes beyond HubSpot alone. We are growth-driven website design experts, strategists, SEO fanatics, journalists and highly skilled developers. Our processes are based on years of learning what best practice means in today’s increasingly demanding world and we are obsessed with delivering great work, on time, every time.

By choosing to work with a Diamond agency, you’re ensuring your business and brand is supported by a team of highly trained and skilled marketers, salespeople and customer service agents. 

HubSpot is also passionate about helping their Partner agencies train their teams to the highest levels by offering them access to training events, Partner-specific summit events and free access to INBOUND, the biggest inbound marketing event in the world. We take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about this awesome platform and how it continues to drive businesses forward, and our clients always benefit from our growing knowledge too.

Want to know more about what a HubSpot Diamond Partner can do for you? Feel free to contact us; we’d love to chat with you about everything you can expect and more.  

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