The benefits of buying HubSpot through a partner agency


By Lauren Inggs - August 06, 2018

HubSpot is well-renowned for their excellent CRM, marketing, sales and customer services offerings. But what is the best way to purchase the platform? Should you approach HubSpot directly, or through a partner agency? What could a third party bring to the table that going to the source won’t already get you? 

5 Benefits of buying HubSpot from a partner agency

You get all the benefits of our HubSpot knowledge, skills and experience

Working with a good partner agency you automatically get more from the platform. Even if we don’t manage your entire marketing strategy for you, you still get our expertise and support every step of the way. If you’re looking for a full growth service, our methodologies have been designed around the principles of inbound marketing and are perfectly harmonised with the capabilities of HubSpot.

We’re doubly invested in your success as a partner agency and want you to get everything possible from using HubSpot. This is why we love introducing clients to other, complementary tools as well, to help boost your SEO or perhaps report more succinctly on your website’s performing through analytics.

A waiver on your $3,000 HubSpot on-boarding fee

New customers signing on for HubSpot directly are charged $3,000 to cover the onboarding process. This includes system implementations (and a 90-day support period), advice on integrating your present CRM, help with developing your first inbound campaign and access to HubSpot support.

If we manage your application you can avoid this fee, even if you don’t enter into a full marketing contract with us.

Support during the HubSpot installation process

HubSpot is a powerful CRM, marketing, sales and services tool, but for it to work successfully, you need to ensure that it has been implemented correctly from the beginning. Depending on your current CRM or software, this can be a tricky prospect. Businesses going it alone can often experience downtime while they try to work out the kinks: downtime that can dent profitability and can create further issues down the line. 

A partner agency performs integrations every day. We can tell you exactly how complex your particular integrations are likely to be and ensure that you experience a smoother transition during your HubSpot implementation.

Training from experienced users

HubSpot is a profoundly intuitive platform with a great many features. While their user interface is simple to navigate, it can be intimidating trying to find your way around at first. Getting the most value for your money means being able to use the software successfully as quickly as possible, which is where having an agency to help you is useful.

Not only can they help train your team, but they can also recommend which of HubSpot’s many excellent training programs your team members should take. We can help you deepen your knowledge on the tools and the best practices they should follow to see good results.

Dedicated account management support

Stuck on how to view your sales pipeline? Need some help creating a workflow? Heard of a new HubSpot feature and would like a live demo in your HubSpot portal? An agency can do that for you, and more. Depending on your agreement with them, they can help you make smarter marketing, sales and services decisions rooted in the knowledge they’ve gleaned over years of helping clients with similar needs.

Get in touch for an obligation-free chat on what working with an agency is like, how much it costs and the best HubSpot options for your business. Our team of experts is always available and ready to help. 

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