The Benefits of Growth-Driven Design


By Lauren Inggs - March 21, 2016

The face of web design has changed. Traditional site design fails to help businesses meet the constantly changing natures and needs of their buyer personas. What's even more alarming, many companies have no idea that their seemingly functional websites are missing the mark when it comes to bringing in leads and satisfying their target audience.

The verdict is in and it's simple: a change in approach is sorely needed. Growth-Driven Design holds the key to seeing your website step up to the plate and take your marketing to the next level.

What is Growth-Driven Design (GDD)?

So, a quick recap. GDD is a innovative approach to website design focused around the principles of constant enhancement and improvement, underpinned by plenty of data analysis. GDD hits the ground running when it comes to website design, with the idea being to get a basic fit-for-purpose site (a launch pad website) up and working for you as quickly as possible, after which constant tweaks and improvements (prioritised on a wish list) are made to take that basic site to the next level. Naturally, the greatest benefit of the GDD processis eliminating the need to wait extended periods of time before getting a new site up and working.

This isn't the only benefit to the GDD approach however. There's more that defines this manner of website design as the answer to the stuffy, staid traditional approach.

5 benefits of a GDD approach

1. Your UX gets a super boost

Your website is built for your users. It's not about your business, brand or advertising. It's all about your users, and the experience you can offer them. It needs to be a seamless, easy to navigate experience that sees them browsing your site with ease, and not leaving in frustration a few seconds after arriving. The data gathered during the GDD process helps you spot areas of friction on your site, so that you can improve them and keep your users happy.

2. It's cost-effective

Because GDD starts you off with a fit-for-purpose site, you're not paying for a whole lot of unnecessary bells and whistles that have yet to prove their worth. Too often traditional website builds involve exorbitant costs due to an attempt to do everything at once, creating a hefty volume of design and development work, during which you're stuck with your old site while you wait, which isn't ideal.

3. It's data-driven

Everything about the GDD approach is data-driven. The very heart of the approach, and the reason it's so effective is based on the data collected and used to ensure every active occurs at the right time, and in the most efficient and effective form. The data ensures that no action is completed on your site without the knowledge that it'll work towards your best advantage, and support your marketing.

4. It's time efficient

Traditional website builds take time. Plenty of time. Too much time. Using the GDD methodology, you can get a functional site up and running in a short period of time, meaning your new site can start working for you really quickly. Once it's live, you can gradually add items from a wish list of features that build upon and enhance your site.

5. It provides plenty of scope for learning

Thanks to its foundation in data gathering and analysis, the GDD approach constantly provides scope for developing new ideas, trying new things and seeing what will make your site more effective. You won't always hit the mark with your new ideas, but GDD is a forgiving way of getting out there and giving things a go without the fear of costly redesigns or lengthy redeveloping when something isn't working. Everything is constantly being adjusted and improved upon, so you've got the opportunity to stretch your wings and explore new ideas to the fullest, learning while you do so.

There you have it, the benefits of GDD in a nutshell. It's a methodology we're pretty darn keen on, and practice ourselves, so we can say from firsthand experience how awesome it is. Haven't given it a thought yet? Get in touch with us, we'd love to chat to you and talk you through it some more!

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