Meet the New Struto Members and Celebrate with Us

By Kurt Buttress - September 12, 2017

Oh yeah, 2016 to 2017 has been a really exciting time for us here at Struto. Our team has been steadily growing, along with the group of clients we've assisted with reaching their marketing, sales and design objectives. To top things off, our performance has been rewarded by the head honchos of the industry.

Our Growing Team:


Over the past few months, we've been able to add a few new faces to the roster of expertise at Struto. Of the new hires, two are female, so suffice to say "the force" within the office is balancing well. Meet the new Struto members …

Brian Akermann - Designer

brain-2 (1).jpg

Brian (alias Brain), is our new designer and has actually been with us for quite a while now. A lover of strong coffee and conspiracy theories, he integrated so easily into our team that we almost forgot he was a new team member. His awesome design talents helped us secure an Impact Award for best Graphic Design at this year's first round of the HubSpot Impact Awards.

Rene de Scally - Office Administrator


Rene's job role is in administration, but she easily lends out her project management, marketing and office management skills to whoever's in need - not to mention her handy health and wellbeing tips. One of Rene's very first tasks was liaising with the UK office to aid in setting up the 2017 Workshop – a feat well achieved.

Deshika Sookoo – Design/Development

DESH-2 (1).jpg

Deshika, or Desh, is part of a very small group of female front-end developers – so we just had to have her. A dev and design ninja, Desh has cut her teeth at various agencies and is a welcomed, experienced addition to our team. That's provided that her popcorn/toast making skills don't burn down the office.

Our Growing Accolades:


With the recent visit of our CEO, Craig Wiltshire from the UK, we were delighted to welcome another new member to the office.  

Along with some UK summer sun, Craig brought with him our HubSpot Platinum Partner Award which was recently delivered to our UK offices. We've been platinum partners for quite some time, so it was great to get additional recognition from HubSpot in the form of the very snazzy new mantelpiece.

We can now showcase it alongside our Greatest Traffic Growth International award, and celebrate the achievement one more time. Our next tier up is Diamond Partner status, and just between us … it's not too long now.

Looking ahead, along with our Graphic Design award at the HubSpot Impact Awards we are also up for the Grand Prize in this category, and a nomination for best Inbound Growth Story at this year's INBOUND17 conference. Have a look at our Impact Award Win.

Dev, Design, GDD.jpg

It's been a busy year-and-a-half for Struto, but with such praise and recognition, we can tell that all our hard work is paying off. With our growing team, exciting new clients, and HubSpot Diamond Partner status in our sights; we're all thrilled to see where the next year is taking us. Find Struto on the HubSpot partner directory

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