Which Periodic Table of Content Marketing is right for your business?


By Bojan Lipovic - March 05, 2019

The creative in me loves marketing. The nerd in me loves periodic tables. Combine the two and I’ll be walking on sunshine.

The traditional periodic table of elements paved the way for an easy-to-digest format of typically complex information. As marketers, we aim to do the same with our pieces of content. Some clever marketers have taken the concept of the periodic table and adjusted the elements to components of various marketing related activities to present data and information visually, which is far more appealing than a wall of text, right?

By now you might be asking yourself how in the world is it possible to bridge the scientifically nerdy angle of a periodic table with the fuzzy and creative flair of content creation. The answer is pretty simple and does not require you to be a chemical engineer to figure it out. By taking the underlying notion that like elements cluster together, you can easily illustrate various components of content creation, and where they fit in respect of one another, along the packing line of word production.

Today, I’d like to share with you my 4 favourite marketing periodic tables with a brief synopsis of each.

Periodic table of content marketing 

via LinkedIn

Why I love it: Chris Lake has taken the concept of the periodic table and applied 8 distinct areas related to content marketing into consideration. This includes content marketing strategy (which naturally takes the first position), format, content type, platform (distribution), goals, metrics as well as sharing triggers and a handy checklist for optimisation.

Chris is not afraid to admit that there may be some overlap in certain areas and possible omissions. For example, things like podcasts do not appear on the table, since Chris confesses that he never used these in his life.

However, there are plenty of unoccupied sections where you can input those “elements” that might be more specific to you or your business. Also, keep in mind that some of these elements can exist in multiple categories. But even with these bumps, I do find it to be a well-organised and comprehensive overview.

This is also a handy resource for inspiration when planning out your content editorial calendar with a mixture of formats and types.

period content

Download as PDF

Periodic table of SEO success factors 

via Search Engine Land

Why I love it: Now in its fourth edition, it gives a quick view of the various factors that search engines look to establish credibility and subsequently determine rankings of a page. The table is intended to broadly guide both those new and experienced with SEO to focus on major areas of importance. It’s neatly laid out between on-page and off-page SEO classes and clearly indicates positive and negative influences.

Within these two classes, there are seven subcategories of factors:

  • Content — Factors relating to the quality of the content
  • Architecture — Factors concerning the site and the level of its functionality
  • HTML — Webpage related matters
  • Trust — Factors that focus on how authoritative or trustworthy a site is deemed to be
  • Links — Factors that focus on how website rankings are impacted by links
  • Personal — Factors about how rankings are influenced by personalisation
  • Social — Factors on how social media sharing impacts rankings

While applying the necessary steps for each requires more in-depth reading and understanding, it’s a great resource to highlight the most important SEO factors, with weighting included.


Download PDF guide to SEO

Periodic table of email marketing 

via Newsletter2Go

Why I love it: Originally created in 2011, this table still provides a good overview of the crucial elements of effective email marketing. The table itself is pretty easy to navigate and is divided into different focal-point elements:

  • Segmentation and personalisation
  • Timing
  • Email and campaign type
  • Content
  • KPI tracking
  • Lead magnets, technicalities and legal factors

When it comes to this table, going by the book will likely result in an effective email marketing campaign. My observation is, that on top of the above elements, you should still create different forms of incentives, to woo your target audience to subscribe to your mailers and newsletters.


Periodic table of B2B digital marketing metrics

via MDirector

Why I love it: As marketers, we love data and especially benchmarking data. It gives us a sense of how well we are doing against industry standards. This chart does skew for Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses in particular and therefore should be referred to for similar organisations.

The table covers several critical measurements that B2B marketers should be double-checking and reporting on. These include:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Networks
  • Websites
  • Content Marketing
  • Budgets
  • Free trials and funnel techniques

Insight´s B2B Digital marketing periodic table is a simple way of familiarising yourself with the impact of the digital marketing projects that you plan to implement. By following this methodology, you can select the most precise digital marketing strategy for your business and see your results compound.


Download as PDF

Although this list of tables contains some useful information that you might find applicable to your business scenario, it doesn't represent the be-all and the end-all of periodic tables in marketing. There are many more tables that can be applied, with some being broader and others more specific. A perfect example of a more niche table would be the Periodic Table of Google Analytics that focuses on every feature and benefit of this platform.

So, happy hunting and hope you find a table that is right for you and your business!

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