The 3 Pillars of Inbound Marketing: 1st Social Media

By Lara Wiltshire - March 29, 2012

"The 3 pillars of Inbound Marketing are generally considered as Social Media, Content and SEO. These marketing tools all work together as a powerful means to get you and your company found online."

Inbound Marketing Series, Take 1:

Social Media:

take 1You are at your wits end, you are out of breath and your lungs feel like they are about to explode "I've built it ... Why have they not come"? Sadly, unlike Kevin Costner's movie Field of Dreams, just building a fantastic web site or Facebook page or creating a Twitter account does not mean that potential customers will come flocking to you and want to make use of your services or buy your product. Sad, but a True Story!

Inbound marketing is about drawing people to your business by building long term relationships with your customers, both current and prospective, you want marriage not just a fling in the dark.

I've been training for a marathon over the last couple of months and can feel the correlation between marathon training and building relationships via inbound marketing. You are in it for the long haul, it's not going to happen over night, the zero to hero analogy just won't fit in this scenario, even if you are wearing a superhero outfit. In the same way that you cannot run a marathon with little to no training, you cannot just tweet/facebook/blog once a month or on an infrequent ad hoc basis and expect to be successful. Marathon training involves frequent training runs, slowly building mileage over months of dedication. In the same vain you will find inbound marketing requires regular, consistent delivery through social media platforms of your choice to increase visibility and demonstrate your expertise.

Things To Do:

Social media platforms need to link to your website and your website needs to link back to your social media platforms.
Statistics show 12+ blog posts per month to be optimal, multiple daily blog posts if you can do them are even better.
Be present and engaging in your all your social media efforts to build your presence and relationships with clients and customers.
Once you build it and keep building it ... THEN they will come!

I hope you have enjoyed this and found it helpful. Keep a lookout for Inbound Marketing Series, Take 2 coming in April.

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