The Allpack® story began in Birmingham in 1994 when a young accountant and keen entrepreneur began selling boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to local firms. He kept his stock in his garden shed and delivered it to customers with just one small van.

Soon, word spread about the quality of the Allpack® products and service. Over the following years, the company gained new clients, expanded their range, and developed the business. Allpack® now boasts four separate divisions. The Allgroup company structure empowers supplier consolidation, providing single-source packaging contracts for many blue-chip, multiple lines and packaging users. However, they have always stayed focused on their main specialisation: industrial transit packaging.

With disparate tools, comes disparate strategies

When Ben Clarke returned to Allpack® in 2020 as the Head of Sales and Marketing, he found that the sales and marketing operations were being conducted from various platforms, resulting in a disparate data structure and over-complicated execution processes.

When he discovered HubSpot as a tool that can unify their sales, marketing, and customer service teams, as well as their data, he wanted to get started immediately. HubSpot’s guided onboarding would, however, take up to 90 days to complete and as the HubSpot services team was swamped, Allpack® could not start onboarding right away.

Enter Struto

Ben turned to Struto to deliver an accelerated guided onboarding that kicked-off on the day after we met! Starting with the Marketing Hub, we helped Ben set up his HubSpot portal, and started training him and his team on how to use the marketing Pro tools to manage the Allpack® e-shots. These email blasts are an essential element of their marketing strategy, and with the new drag-and-drop email editor, the team were able to recreate and improve on their previous templates. We moved on to training on using the other marketing tools, like social, ads, lead capture and strategy tools. We finished off with the HubSpot analytics tools and reporting capabilities. The marketing team was ready to take the bull by the horns!

Next, we started onboarding the sales team onto the Sales Hub. We helped Allpack® customise their pipeline and import a subset of their database into HubSpot, with the customer relationship management remaining in their existing SAP account. We used a train-the-trainer approach to train the sale steam on using the CRM, prospecting tools, and sales enablement tools.

We helped their sales team set up live chat on their website and provided them with the training they need to manage the chat effectively.

After that, we tackled the Service Hub and helped Ben create an internal knowledge base and customise their ticketing process. We provided training on how to manage the knowledge base and customer surveys, and again trained-the-trainer on managing their ticketing through HubSpot.

Resulting in fast onboarding onto HubSpot

As a result, all three customer-facing teams were live (and comfortable!) on HubSpot within four weeks, after a staggered roll-out. The Allpack® team are thrilled with HubSpot, as evidenced by Ben’s words after a couple of weeks of using their new software:

“It’s the best software I have ever used! The whole team love it, and user take-up is 100%. It’s only a shame it hasn’t got a Purchasing Hub then the whole team could use it…”

Soon, Allpack® will look to integrate their SAP instance with HubSpot to create a single source of truth where all their data will live.

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