Digital Transformation: Selling to the Digital Native Modern Buyer

How do you market your offering to the digitally native modern buyer? Differentiating your business from the storm of competitors found so easily online is tough… which is why transformation is needed to successfully market yourself into the digital space.  

Posted by Brad Harris - 23 September 2016

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Why Legacy Sales Tactics Fail to Engage the Modern B2B Tech Market


In our last blog we explored how Legacy Louis struggled to generate leads despite his company’s significant investment in recruiting top-notch sales and marketing employees, and their unprecedented campaign expenses. 

Posted by Lizette Louw - 22 September 2016

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Legacy Louis Takes on the B2B Tech Market – A Sales Parable

Meet Legacy Louis of MilanSolutions, a Cloud ERP vendor for SME’s. As co-owner of the company Louis fulfils many roles, including heading up the sales and marketing departments.

Posted by Lizette Louw - 21 September 2016

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Inbound Marketing and the IT Sector: Making It Work from Experience

Every great story starts with a humble beginning – and our story is no different. Before Struto was a twinkle in its founders' eyes, a different story was taking place. And that story starts with our Managing Director, Craig. I got to sit down with him on his visit to the Cape Town office for a brief interview about his experience in inbound marketing,...

Posted by Lauren Inggs - 14 September 2016

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State of Inbound 2016: Is Your Website Converting Leads Across All Devices?

One of the biggest questions in this year's State of Inbound report is what difference a multi-device able website makes to business performance. We’ve scanned the data and have come up with some practical answers for you.  

Posted by Brad Harris - 12 September 2016

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