Tenders are a Waste of Time in the Digital B2B Market

We don’t believe in pitches or tenders for B2B services. They don't work. They are a 20th century way of doing business, based on an asymmetric world. In the digital B2B market, the world is symmetrical and so tenders are anachronistic. Why do we say this?

Posted by Jonathan Wagstaffe - 23 August 2016

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The X factor for Creating Buyer-focussed Content


In our last blog, we made you aware of the importance of choosing the right content format at the right time. The 3D model we proposed included consideration of the following dimensions: individual learning styles, the objective of your content asset, and your focus stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Although these three dimensions set a good starting...

Posted by Lizette Louw - 19 August 2016

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Discovering Content Writing Formats: Our 3D Content Model

Are you making use of content marketing to engage with your b2b buyers along their decision-making journey? The harsh reality is that even your most valuable content risks going unnoticed, simply because of your chosen format.

Posted by Lizette Louw - 16 August 2016

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Finding the Right Fit: Meet Our New Account Manager, Estee

There's an African proverb that says, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together". It's a sentiment that we at Struto wholeheartedly embrace. Our goal whenever selecting new team members is to select and appoint candidates that have what it takes to go the distance and add unique value to everything we do. For us, recruitment...

Posted by Lauren Inggs - 12 August 2016

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Products vs. Services vs. Solutions: Optimising Your Business Offering

Creating clarity in your go-to market by positioning your products, services and solutions effectively. 

Posted by Brad Harris - 05 August 2016

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